Impotence in Men – Causes of Impotence in Men

Impotence is men is usually more common in older men, but can also be a problem for younger men as well. There is a variety of causes that lead to impotence in men, including emotional problems, health conditions, lifestyle and others. Some impotence in men is short-term and occurs occasionally, but for other men impotence is an ongoing problem. When impotence in men is persistent, then it is a good idea to get medical attention. A doctor can perform a medical exam and ask questions so he can properly diagnose the problem and recommend a course of action to treat it.

Impotence in Man

Alcohol and impotence in men go hand in hand. Sometimes it occurs only when the man has too much to drink, except in the case of an alcoholic, the drinking leads to poor health and impotence in men. Hypertension is another cause of impotence in men. While the link is not completely understood, there is definitely a connection between high blood pressure and impotence in men. Smoking cigarettes is another cause if impotence in men. The longer a man smokes the more he increases his chances of impotence and other serious health conditions. If men take care of their health, it can reduce their risk of impotence.

Obesity is linked to impotence in men as well. Men with a body mass index of 30 or above are considered obese and obesity leads to other health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes that also contribute to the occurrence of impotence in men. Diabetes leads to impotence in men because it can impair nerves, blood vessel and muscle function. Heart disease makes the heart work harder to pump blood throughout the body and restricts blood flow to other organs, even the penis. Discuss the causes of impotence in men with a doctor, so he can recommend safe treatment options.

Psychological problems can also lead to impotence in men. Men who grew up in a controlling family that thought of sex as sinful or dirty may be more prone to impotence in men. Also, fear may play a role in impotence in men. These fears include anxiety over causing pregnancy, getting a sexually transmitted disease or getting caught. Impotence in men may also result from low self-esteem and inexperience. Finding which cause is at the root of the impotence problem will help with using the best and safest treatment for you.