Impotence Problem Most Common Causes – Sex Life at Risk!

When a man has an impotence problem, he is unable to either maintain and erection or in some cases not achieve an erection at all. There are many different factors that can contribute to a man’s impotence problem. For some the impotence problem may be hereditary, but for others certain lifestyle choices, emotional problems, underlying medical conditions and certain medications can be the source of the mpotence problem. The list of common causes is vast and only a doctor can determine the cause of a man’s impotence problem, so it is important to make schedule a visit have a complete physical exam.

Impotence Problem Most Common Causes - Sex Life at Risk!

Middle aged men seem to be the most likely to have an impotence problem. And the problem becomes even more common with age, as approximately 70 percent of males over the age of 70 have an impotence problem. Vascular problems also contribute to a man’s impotence problem, as impotence may actually be a vascular disease that forms in tiny vessels of the penis. Prostate problems are a definite contributor to an impotence problem because an enlarged prostate restricts blood flow to the penis. Taking care of the cause of the enlarged prostate will help alleviate the impotence problem.

Younger men can also suffer from an impotence problem, but the causes differ from that of older men. Young men may have an impotence problem because of anxieties and fears or other psychological factors. This means the impotence problem manifest in the mind and physically the man is still able to have an erection. Visits with a psychiatrists may help the man understand with is causing his impotence problem and teach him ways to relax and rethink the sexual situation. In younger men, an impotence problem is usually short-term and easily cured once the underlying cause is understood.

Obesity, high blood pressure and alcohol can all cause a man’s impotence problem. When men are obese, the heart has to work harder to pump blood through the body and to organs. This includes the penis. High blood pressure is linked to a man’s impotence problem, although doctors are unsure exactly what the link is. Alcohol contributes to a man’s impotence problem, even if just while drinking. Alcoholics, however, generally suffer with impotence because their addiction leads to overall poor health. Sometimes making lifestyle changes such eating a proper diet, exercising and cutting back or quitting alcohol and cigarettes can give a man back his erectile function.