Impotence Therapy – Vacuum Therapy and Lifestyle Changes to Treat Impotence

It is important for men, especially older men, to understand that erectile dysfunction is generally caused by and underlying medical condition that may be serious. For this reason it is important to discuss impotence therapy with a doctor. Also, medication can have serious side effects and are not good impotence therapy for men with health problems. It is best to deal with the problem in as natural a way as possible. A man’s impotence therapy should include positive lifestyle changes along with other natural aids to help him achieve and maintain and erection. Sexual health is important for both the man and his partner.


The vacuum used for impotence therapy is a simple mechanical device that helps a man achieve an erection. The device is place over the penis and suction is created that brings blood flow to the sexual organ. This type of impotence therapy does not require any surgery, injections or medications and is effective for the majority of men. A penis ring can also be used along with the vacuum for impotence therapy. It is a flexible ring placed at the base of the penis that keeps the blood from leaving the organ so a man can maintain an erection during intercourse.

Other natural ways to achieve impotence therapy include lifestyle changes. Men who smoke or drink alcohol need to quit or cut back. Eating a healthy diet and getting adequate exercise are also natural impotence therapy because poor health contributes to the impotence problem. High blood pressure, diabetes and obesity can all be managed with proper diet and exercise. Taking control of health is important to impotence therapy, as it helps eliminate or control these health conditions that make the problem worse. A doctor or nutritionist can help with a plan for proper eating and exercise routines for a man’s fitness level.

For some men is it important to take care of the problem naturally and use impotence therapy to improve their sex life. In addition to vacuum impotence therapy and lifestyle changes, there are vitamins and herbs that men can take to help. Zinc and L-Arginine are two herbs men should add to their impotence therapy. L-Arginine create nitric oxide in the body that helps relax blood vessels and most people who suffer with impotence are zinc deficient, so adding these to man’s dietary supplements. Remember it is important to discuss alternative treatments with a doctor.