How to Increase Endurance- Simple Methods to Increase Endurance

by Nick Swanson

Sex is important in most relationships, as it is away to share intimate moments and pleasure each other. To get the most out of these moments, a man needs to know how to increase his endurance so he is able to bring his partner to climax. This allows both partner pleasure and makes a man feel good about himself. There are several ways for a man to increase endurance. Some methods deal with lifestyle choices, while others are methods to increase endurance during sexual intercourse. Men who take advantage of these tips should have no problem pleasing their partner.

Increase EnduranceMen who want to know how to increase endurance need to get daily exercise. Moderate exercise several times a week helps strengthen muscles and improves cardiovascular health, as both are important to increase endurance. Physical activity also helps to reduce stress and depression, so exercise helps improve the body physically and mentally. Kegel exercises are also important to exercise the pelvic floor. Strengthening these muscles helps a main control ejaculation, which helps to increase endurance. The exercise stops ejaculation, but not the sensations and contractions associated with the orgasm, so men can have several orgasms when they have strong pelvic muscles.

Foreplay is important for both men and women. Even though foreplay is very exciting, it can actually help a man to increase endurance. Let the excitement build and if possible, bring your partner to climax before intercourse begins. This takes some of the pressure off of a man and reduced pressure helps to increase endurance. Taking the time to explore each other’s bodies and relaxing makes the experience better for both men and women. It is also a good way for a man to increase endurance. Let the pleasure build slowly and both the man and his partner will experience sexual pleasure.

Delaying ejaculation is a proven method for men who want to know how to increase endurance. This can be done in different ways. Taking a break is another way to increase endurance and make sure he can go the distance. This does not mean the sexual experience stops completely. It just means that the man uses other methods to pleasure his partner while he waits for the sensation to ejaculate subside .A man that does kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles that control ejaculation and learn to stop it from happening. He can do this several times during intercourse to increase endurance.