Increase Penile Size by Penis Enlargement Surgery

There are many herbal supplements, patches, pills, and medical devices that claim to increase penile size. While some of these penis enlarging techniques may work for some men, some men do not notice a difference in penis size after using them. The only sure way to increase penile size is through a medical procedure known as penis enlargement surgery. Undergoing surgery to increase penile size is considered risky and highly controversial, but it is the only penis enlarging method that is guaranteed to work. If you are considering undergoing penis enlargement surgery it is important to know more about the procedure, and the risks you may be taking.

There are two types of penis enlarging surgeries: one designed to length the penis and one designed to widen the penis. The surgery that is designed to increase penile size length-wise involves surgically removing a thick ligament that is used to hold back the penis. This surgery requires the surgeon to cut the ligament which will release the shaft of the penis and allow it to look longer. Men can add as much as an inch to their penis size by choosing to undergo this type of cosmetic surgery.

The other penis enlarging surgery is one designed to increase penile size by widening it. The surgical procedure involved with widening the penis requires the surgeon to take body fat from one section of the body and inject it into the penis. When the body fat is injected into the shaft of the penis it will start to bulk up the size and allow the penis to look wider than it naturally was. Doctors and surgeons are experimenting with a new type of surgery designed to increase penile size that is similar to this technique but involves the use of a tissue from a cadaver instead of the body fat.

Both surgeries designed to increase penile size come with some drawbacks. The surgery that involves cutting the ligaments requires that a patient wear a weighted clamp for three to six months after the surgery to prevent the ligament from reattaching. The surgery designed to increase penile size by injecting fat or tissue into the shaft of the penis can change the appearance of the penis. The injected fat can cause the penis to appear lumpy. All these drawbacks, in addition to the traditional risks of undergoing surgery, should be considered before choosing to undergo a surgical procedure to increase penile size.