Increase Penis Size – When What You’re Born With Isn’t Enough

by Nick Swanson

The old saying ‘size doesn’t matter’ is little comfort for a man who feels that his penis leaves much to be desired. A smaller than average penis can cause self-esteem issues, low self-confidence, and even trigger difficulties creating or maintaining romantic relationships. As such, these men are constantly on the lookout for ways to increase penis size. While the average email spam folder will undoubtedly fill up with at least a couple of letters promising to increase penis size, finding methods to increase penis size is actually much harder than clicking on a link in a spam email.

Increase Penis Size

Your first question is likely about those emails promising to increase Penis Size in four to six weeks with herbal remedies. A number of supplements are on the market making these claims, and some who have used them swear that they’ve received results from them. The most popular pills to increase penis size sold today usually include amino acids like L- Arginine to boost penis size. While many people report results, the scientific data on their effectiveness is still inconclusive. This doesn’t stop people from using them to attempt to increase penis size, however, and if you decide to try this method you should shop carefully since some herbal remedies can be dangerous.

Penis pumps are another common method used to increase penis size. These pumps are normally used for erectile dysfunction, but a recent study of thirty one men using the pumps regularly found that their penises actually grew in length. Thirty percent of men who use a pump report satisfaction with their results related to how they increase penis size. Exercises and stretching devices also exist to increase penis size, and these have been shown to be effective as well, but care must be taken to avoid penis damage as a result. Manual exercise, weights, and penile extenders can all be used with various success rates that are nonetheless real and, in some cases, surprising.

Finally, surgical options to increase penis size do exist and can be successful. With that said, they’re also dangerous and expensive. The most common result of having surgery done to increase penis size is that in the vast majority of instances, erections are difficult or impossible to achieve afterwards. For most men, this defeats the purpose of having the surgery done in the first place and as such surgery is a last resort and only done to men who seriously feel that they need it. In fact, many surgeons will only perform the procedure if the penis is below a certain size. These are some of your options to increase penis size, some more effective than others.