How to Increase Sperm Motility- A Healthy Lifestyle Can Help Increase Sperm Motility

by Nick Swanson

How to Increase Sperm Motility

When a couple decides to have a baby, usually there are no problems with the women being able to conceive. However, sometimes a couple may find it difficult to get pregnant and need to find the cause, so they can fix the problem and have their bundle of joy.

Sometimes the fault lies with the man and this leaves the couple searching for answers to the question of how to increase sperm motility. There are various factors that can affect a man’s fertility and understanding these are the first step increase sperm motility. Sperm health is one aspect that is crucial, so this needs to be evaluated before he can increase sperm motility.

For those who want to know how to increase sperm motility, they first must understand that sperm healthy depends on several factors. Quality and quantity are required to help increase sperm motility. Quantity is important, as for sperm to be fertile it needs at least 39 million sperm along with increase sperm mobility.

Quality refers to the shape of the sperm and if more than four percent have a normal shape the male is considered fertile. At least 40 percent of the sperm in the ejaculate must be moving. If not, the male needs to increase sperm motility to be considered fertile.

There are things recommended to men who want to know how to increase sperm motility. Taking a multi-vitamin, especially one containing vitamins C and E can help increase sperm motility. He must also eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and watch his weight if he wants to increase sperm motility. Exercising and managing stress are both good methods of helping a man to increase sperm motility as well. Combing all these things together gives the body overall health as well as help with sperm health.

There are also things that men who want to know how to increase sperm motility need to avoid. Alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs all need to be avoided in a man want to successfully increase sperm motility. Anabolic steroids, antibiotics and other types of medication for high blood pressure and or inflammatory bowel disease also need to be avoided to increase sperm motility.

Once a man has adopted a healthy lifestyle and avoided things that hinder sperm health, but has not seen results, then a doctor is necessary to determine what the next step will be for how to increase sperm motility in his situation.