Want to Increase Stamina – 5 Natural Ways To Try Out Today

Stamina is defined as your body’s ability to sustained extended periods of physical activity. How can you increase Stamina? Lack of stamina is usually indicated by low energy, frequent fatigue, and inability to perform any type of physical activity without getting tired too quickly.

Your sex life suffers because you can’t keep it up and it is needless to mention you find it difficult to perform some exercises.

Reasons behind poor stamina are numerous including low testosterone levels, unhealthy lifestyle, illnesses, and so on. This problem goes beyond disrupted sex life or lack of energy during workouts; it affects a man’s confidence and self-esteem.

Here’s something that every guy wants to read – you can increase stamina in an entirely natural way.

You know what’s even better?


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

This post will show you not one, but five ways to get more endurance between the sheets and elsewhere.

Following Are 5 Natural Way to Increase Stamina:

1. Exercise

Regular physical activity is necessary for an amazing sex life. Also, regular exercise that helps you build momentum can help you reach your body goals and desired fitness levels.

Men who want to increase stamina and endurance are advised to combine strength and cardio days.

Instead of adhering to cardio only workouts, make sure you include strength days into your training as well.

While most people usually reserve one day for cardio and another day for strength training, the trick is to combine them e.g. use a bench press followed by pull-ups, then jog or run.

As a result, you’ll increase stamina and avoid getting tired too quickly into your workout.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

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Exercise can help your sexual stamina in a number of ways, including:

  • Regulates your weight
  • Increases endurance
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Improves blood flow
  • Gives the opportunity to do perform special exercises to strengthen muscles in the genital area.

Now that we’re mentioning the importance of exercise for every man’s stamina, you should bear in mind the duration of your workout matters as well.

Although most men are inclined to believe that the more you exercise the better, that’s not really true. Too much exercise enhances cortisol levels in your body. That is a stress hormone which has a negative impact on testosterone.

Moreover, one study showed that too much exercise decreases libido in men. Working out 45-60 minutes, or 90 in some cases, is enough.

2. Drink beet juice

Beets are one of the healthiest foods you can juice and they provide a multitude of health benefits. Besides the striking red color, beet juice also showed to improve exercise endurance and blood pressure in a research whose findings were published in the JACC: Heart Failure.

That’s not all, a study from the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and
Exercise Metabolism
found that adding nitrate-rich beet juice to the workout plan enhances a person’s stamina, strength, and endurance.

Benefits of beet juice don’t stop there. Beetroot works wonders for sex life, especially in men. Beets work in a similar way as drugs prescribed for erectile dysfunction.

This vegetable is abundant in nitrates; which is why it increases the levels of nitric oxide necessary for sexual health.

Basically, beet juice works to support healthy blood flow, essential for energy levels, sexual arousal, and so on. Plus, it’s rich in various nutrients your body needs to function properly.

3. Modify your masturbation techniques

This isn’t the type of post which tells you it’s dangerous to masturbate. Let’s face it; it feels good and it is entirely natural.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Who doesn’t masturbate? That said, you should keep in mind that masturbation might contribute to the lack of stamina in bed.

How? The reason is simple, most men masturbate in a hurry i.e. you want to get it over with and reach orgasm as soon as possible. This habit trains your penis to ejaculate quickly when stimulated.

You know what’s coming next (no pun intended), you climax too quickly when having sex with your significant other.

So, what can we do? The key is to stop working against yourself and your body! Making certain masturbation changes can help increase stamina and last longer in bed.

Increase the time it takes for you to reach the orgasm when masturbating. Don’t rush, take it nice, slow, and easy.
Modify Your Masturbation Techniques

4. Increase consumption Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are vital for the proper functioning of our body and it comes as no wonder they can increase stamina as well. Eating Omega-3s, found primarily in salmon and other fatty fish, helps you last longer in bed and gym.

For example, athletes usually take Omega-3 supplements in a bid to improve blood vessel function, reduce inflammation, and increase provision of energy from fat.

Omega-3 fatty acids also attenuate oxidative stress in response to strenuous exercise, increase recovery, and improve athletic performance and endurance.

Growing body of evidence suggests that Omega-3 fatty acids increase synthesis of nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels, promotes better blood flow and help you get aroused and stay hard for longer.

There are also some indications that Omega-3 fatty acids improve the functionality of the nervous system, thus enhancing neurological function and contributing to good circulation.

5. Flex abdominal muscles

Every man should pay more attention to abdominal exercises like crunches and sit-ups. Not only they increase the endurance of abdominal muscles and help you burn fat from this stubborn region, but you can also improve sexual stamina as well.

With abdominal exercises, you’re in a win-win situation. Hence, increase stamina in both spheres!

But, how does abdominal exercise affect sexual stamina? Your abs are the key to providing bursts of sexual energy and drive the groin by thrusting it forward and then releasing it. A few crunches a day will prevent you from flopping down on your significant other with utter exhaustion.


Numerous factors lead to low stamina and prevent you from having a great time during sex, in the gym, you name it. You need physical stamina to exercise harder, and of course, sexual stamina to last longer in bed. Fortunately, you can achieve it naturally by following tips from this post.

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