Increase Women’s Labido – Steps to Regain Your Mojo

While today’s society and culture is more sex-oriented than ever, millions of women of all ages continue to experience decreased libido. While a lowered interest in sex isn’t always a medical concern, if relationships or happiness is suffering from lowered libido or if a woman simply wants to increase women’s labido so that she can experience the joy of sex again, there are a number of steps that can be taken to increase women’s labido. A visit to your physician should be the first step and together you can work out possible causes and ways to increase women’s labido.

Increase Women’s Labido

The steps needed to increase women’s labido are often harder to pin down than those for men, mainly because a wide range of issues could be triggering low libido levels. Physical desire plays a large role in it, obviously, but other factors such as emotional and mental issues can help increase women’s labido as well. Stress, fatigue, relationship issues like jealousy or infidelity, and much more can all have an effect on women’s libido. If these factors are in play, counseling could help strengthen a woman’s resolve and increase women’s labido without resorting to medical treatment.

The ‘male’ hormone testosterone is present in very small amounts in women, and decreased levels of it are closely linked to lowered libido. If this is the case, a small amount of hormone therapy may be all that is needed to increase women’s labido. Estrogen therapy can help increase women’s labido as well, if low levels of that hormone are found. In some cases birth control measures are actually to blame for lowered testosterone and decreased libido, and changing these medications could boost women’s libido. Changes in lifestyle can also increase women’s labido, namely the avoidance of smoking, cutting back on alcohol, proper exercise, and a healthy diet.

For most women, treating the underlying causes of lowered libido is usually enough to increase women’s labido. Natural steps such as exercise and improved communication with your partner can help increase women’s labido as well. And for many women, spicing up things in the bedroom can work wonders. Costumes, role-playing and a few toys can help make sex exciting again and boost libido significantly. Other options like natural herbal supplements exist and some women report great success with them, although more research is needed to conclusively understand their risks and their benefits. Obviously there are a number of steps that you can take to help increase women’s labido and start wanting sex again.