Increasing Sperm Count Improves Fertility

by Nick Swanson

Having a baby is one of the perks of life. Almost all couples get excited with the idea that they are about to have a baby. In as much as husbands and wives like to add to the world’s population, conceiving a child sometimes does not come easily. There are many factors that hinder fertility such as too much exposure to stress, impotence and low sperm density. A good way to start conception is to ensure that the density of sperm cells is relatively high such that there will be enough number to increase the chances of the male sex cells in penetrating the egg cell prior to fertilization. Throughout the course of time, there have been many ways to increase sperm density because among men, being impotent does not speak well of them.

Increasing Sperm Count Improves Fertility

Food Intake May Promote Survival of Sperms

Your daily dietary allowance may be your key to fertility enhancement. See to it that you ingest the right amount of nutrients essential for the growth, development and reproduction of your male gametes. Here are some food and nutrients that increase sperm density.

  • High protein diets
  • Food which contain less fat
  • Vegetable and whole grains
  • Folic acid, selenium and zinc
  • Vitamin C and E
  • L-carnitine for sperm motility

Male Enhancement Pills that Work

Fertility and sperm density are favored by male enhancers because they contain natural herbal extracts that promote proper blood circulation in the penis to ensure that erection is possible. Furthermore, the formulation is equipped with essential minerals and compounds that promote sperm health. Enhancement pills that contain ginkgo biloba extract which offers a holistic approach in improving the body. Ingredients such as zinc, tongkat ali, selenium and Tribulus terrestris are associated with increased sex drive and fertility. Such pills can give good results without any side effects unlike their chemical counterpart.

Living Life to the Fullest

Try to engage in healthy activities that promote health because your efforts will increase sperm density.

  • Regular exercise eliminates spermicidal stress hormone.
  • It is advisable to do procreative sex during daytime sperm count is very high during this time.
  • Stay away from hot environments like sauna and hot-tubs because they kill some sex gametes.
  • Stop resorting to steroids to increase muscle mass and physical energy since this can result to low sperm count.
  • Decrease in sperm count and motility will be prevented if you stop using tobacco products, marijuana and drinking too much alcoholic beverages.
  • Keep your surroundings free of toxic chemicals, heavy metals, radiation and pesticide.
  • Maintain a healthy body and try not to gain too much weight.
  • Always find time to get enough sleep and relax at the end of each day.

On top of these, keep in mind that fertility is directly connected to sperm count and motility. Production and transport of sperm should always come hand in hand. These are some of the proven and effective means of increasing chances of men when it comes to having a baby.