Increasing Sperm Motility – Why Motility is Important

by Nick Swanson

Increasing Sperm Motility

A male’s ability to help conceive a child is based on the health of his sperm and increasing sperm motility. For those that are unfamiliar with the term, sperm motility is the ability of your sperm to move out of the penis and reach the egg for conception. Increasing sperm motility is important because the Mayo Clinic suggests that you need at least 40 percent of your sperm to be mobile in order to be considered fertile.

That means that increasing sperm motility is important in conceiving a child and in judging general health as well. It also means that many of the sperm a man produces die before they have a chance to reach the egg. When you think about the incredible odds required to create pregnancy, increasing sperm motility becomes even more important.

Increasing Sperm Motility

Increasing sperm motility can be done by increasing the amount of testosterone a man produces. There are several things that can affect how much testosterone a man can produce and inhibit increasing sperm motility.

Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes have a negative effect on a man’s ability to produce testosterone. These vices also work to constrict blood vessels which can also work against increasing sperm motility. Stress is also something that inhibits the production of several essential chemicals including testosterone.

When a man is unable to handle stress, or is exposed to a significant amount of stress, then this affects the health of the sperm he produces. Relieving stress is a key way of improving fertility for several reasons; producing testosterone among them.

If you are looking to increase sperm motility, then you need to make sure that there is a reduced amount of fat surrounding the testicles and a reduced amount of fat in the blood stream. That is why one of the steps in increasing sperm motility is losing weight and eating healthier.

The male body cannot produce as much healthy sperm when it is burdened with fat as a leaner body can produce. When you are looking for ways of increasing sperm motility, losing weight and eating healthier to get extra fat out of the blood stream are the best things you can do.

Increasing sperm motility helps improve the chances of conception and it also give a good indicator into general health as well. As you are taking the steps for increasing sperm motility, also work on the other areas of sexual performance and general health as well. You will find that increasing sperm motility and feeling healthier will greatly improve the chances of conception.