Inflatable Penis Implant – Complications Associated to Inflatable Penis Implant

by Nick Swanson

Inflatable Penis Implant

Men think that if they have a larger and harder penis, their women will instantly get more satisfaction from them. They seldom reflect that women are more sexually aroused mentally rather than physically. This also includes the passion and desire of a man during the sexual act. It is really not just about a man’s penis size. This obsession with having a larger penis is more or less brought about by the proliferation and easy access to porn on the internet which makes men insecure about the size of their sex organ.

This obsession has resulted to the high demand for a solution like penile enlargement gadgets, pills and surgeries for penis enlargement. One particular type of penile enlargement surgery is the penis implant. A penis implant or penile prosthesis is a surgical process of inserting an inflatable or malleable device into the penis. The most basic form of penile prosthesis is putting a couple of bendable rods inside the corpora cavernosa which are the 2 erection chambers of the penis.

Devices Used in Inflatable Penis Implant

Another more complex kind of penile implant is the inflatable penile implant. This device includes a pump and a couple of cylinders inserted into the penis itself with reservoir placed in the scrotum, the penis and the abdomen (below the groin) respectively. These three are connected by a special tube.

Problems with Inflatable Penis Implants

This type of surgery can result to a lot of complications for the patient. If you really seek this kind of procedure be sure to consult with a surgeon with extensive experience of performing such kind of procedure and with a very good success rate. This surgery can cause infections in the penis since you are inserting something foreign in your genitalia which also serve as the organ for urination. As a matter of fact, studies show that the rate of infection for inflatable penis implants is around 7 percent. The worse thing about this is that most antibiotics are ineffective for these kinds of infections. The only resolution to an infected inflatable penis implant is through another surgery to remove it.

Another potential problem one has to deal with is implant breakdown which can be a breakage or crack in any of the implants. These can happen especially during accidents albeit it rarely occurs.

Natural Method of Penis Enlargement

Sadly, erectile dysfuntion affects about 18 million men in the United States and this problem is getting worse each passing year. Happily, this problem and the desire to have a bigger penis can be addressed by means other than surgery. A natural approach is available which allows the user to achieve his goal with very little risk. These means can involve various ways to exercise the penis to increase circulation into the penis chambers, which expands the penis in girth and length. Not only are these exercises safe, they are also effective.

So if you want to increase your self-confidence by having a larger penis and being able to have quality erection anytime you need or want, instead of resorting to surgery, you can choose this safe and natural method for penile enlargement.