Is It Normal For Men To Fall Asleep After Sex?

Ever wondered why some men fall asleep immediately after sexual intercourse? Well there is a scientific explanation behind the phenomenon. Mostly men are the ones who fall asleep right after sex and it always annoys their women badly. Women on the other hand though occasionally affected too aren’t always affected as much as men. So what is that makes men to fall asleep right after sex? Below are some reasons that may make men to fall asleep right after sex:

They are The Ones Who Use More Energy Than Women During Sex

Men To Fall Asleep After Sex

Even though sex actually occurs inside of the woman due to penile penetration of the vagina, it is the man who uses more energy compared to the woman. If you take the missionary sex position for instance, for sex to be fulfilling the man has to move back and forth. This kind of movement is what depletes a man’s energy reserves in the process leading to fatigue and the man wanting to sleep right after sex.

The Role of Brain

In a research that involves positioning emission tomography scan, it was found out that for a man to reach orgasm, the basic requirement is to let go of all anxiety and fear. Doing this tends to be relaxing and may serve as an explanation for the tendency of men to sleep after sex. The cerebral cortex, the part of the brain which controls conscious thought is said to be switched off when a man orgasms. There are two parts of the brain which include the cingulate cortex and the amygdale that will give the brain a message to shut of all desires of sex after orgasm. The brain does this by releasing opioids and serotonin which are chemicals that induce sleep.

Another role of the brain in all this is the biochemistry of orgasm. Studies suggest that when a man ejaculates, he releases a cocktail of brain chemicals which includes norepinephrine, serotonin, oxytocin, vasopressin, nitric oxide and prolactin. Prolactin is a hormone which has been found to bring about the feelings of sexual satisfaction which explains why most men usually need some time to rest before attempting to mount their partners again.

The Role Of Hormones

In another research it has been established that it is prolactin that usually makes people feel sleepy and tired. The fact that it is released in higher amounts as the man orgasms may also explain why most men will fall asleep after sex. Other hormones usually released as man orgasms that have been cited to cause men to sleep are oxytocin and vasopressin. It is said that their release usually accompanies that of another hormone called melatonin. Melatonin is the primary hormone which is associated with the regulation of a person’s body clock. Oxytocin is another hormone that is said to help reduce stress levels which may also lead to relaxation and sleepiness experienced by men after sex.

Evolutionary Explanation

Scientists also theorize that men may tend to sleep immediately after sex because they need to rest for them to later continue with their quest to produce more offspring. Women as opposed to men usually tend to engage more in couple bonding activities which may include cuddling and talking to foster longer term commitment.

Another theory trying to explain why men sleep off right after having sex is that this is a mechanism that prevents them from moving on to another sex partner. The significance of this is that it helps to restrain them from womanizing and make them commit to one sexual partner to help the woman in raising a family.

Do Women Also Have The Same Effect As Men After Sex?

Women as opposed to men who have along refractory period after orgasm have a very short refractory period. And this explains why most women after their men have climaxed will still demand more sex from their men. There is also another scientific explanation why women unlike men will not fall asleep after sex which states that they don’t release the same chemicals as men that are associated with sleep.

There is also another theory which states that women usually don’t climax as easily as men making it a little hard for them to release the chemicals that are released by the brain during orgasm that cause sleep.

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According to scientific explanations as discussed above it is evident that men are not selfish when it comes to sex as their women usually think. Men do not usually sleep off immediately after sex on purpose but rather it is their biochemistry that dictates the unusual phenomenon. Women need to acknowledge these facts in order for them to foster good relations between them and their men. Men on their part also need to ensure that they practice good foreplay so that they can satisfy their women sexually before they go off to sleep!