Is Your Penis Too Small – How To Measure The Length?

by Nick Swanson

Penis Too Small

Penises are different and come in varied shapes and sizes. Teens should not be concerned about the size of their penis because it is still growing. The penis continues to increase in size until one has finished puberty. Penis can be described as being short, long, thin and wide and it is important to know that everyone has a unique penis. It is important to avoid comparing one’s penis with other people’s because there is no ‘right’ or ‘normal’ for a penis.

Most men are apprehensive about the size of their penis and this includes the ones who have a normal penis size. It is important to avoid looking at the penis from above because that view makes it appear smaller and this will give the man a wrong impression. It is also important to know that most men are worried about pleasing their partner. This is a psychological problem because most of these partners are not bothered about the size of the penis. In a research that was done in a University in Pittsburgh showed that, most men were apprehensive about the size of their penis and most gauged it as below average. The study also showed that most men stopped being troubled about the size of their penis after being taught about penis size. It is important to measure the volume of the penis using the correct procedure to avoid making assumptions.

How to Measure The Penis Size?

Measure The Penis When Flaccid

When one is taking the flaccid length, it is important to measure immediately after undressing. This is because the penis may shrink or grow depending on the temperature of the room. Therefore, one needs to measure immediately before the temperature interferes with the range of the penis when flaccid. A ruler is used to measure and therefore it should be kept ready before undressing. The tip of the ruler should be placed at the point where the abdomen meets the shaft of the penis. The ruler is then bent along the penis to measure the size of the shaft. The average length when the penis is flaccid is 3.43 inches.

Measure the Penis When Erect

It is encouraged to measure the penis very fast when one is erect. The penis should be measured when the penis is fully erect. The ruler should be placed on the side that is far away from the testicles and against the stand of the penis. The figure that is located at the tip of the shaft is the length of the penis when erect. The average length is 5.03 inches.

Measure the Girth of an Erect Penis

This should be done when the penis is erect. A tape measure should be wrapped around the base of the penis. The average girth of an erect penis is 5.14 inches.

The Erection Angle

It is advisable to lean against the wall and put a mirror on the side view. A degree of 90 should point directly in the front position and a degree of 180 should point at your chin. The average angle when penis is observed from the horizontal position and when it is slightly up is 105.7 degrees.

Some people will try to enlarge the volume of the penis and they may use creams, penis pumps and pills. Most of these products will damage the nerve and the tissue that is inside the penis. This can result in loss of sensation in the penis and make one unable to achieve an erection. Most of the pictures that are put on magazines are false and they make the penis apper as if it has been pumped up. The drugs and pills that are used for enhancing the mass of the penis are false and they do not act as indicated.

It is important to know that sexual activity is about sharing, intimacy, communication and giving pleasure to your partner. The penis size does not matter and this should not be the determining factor of the best partner. The best partner is the one who is able to communicate with his partner and ensure that both parties are satisfied sexually. It is important to know what makes your partner happy and ensure that you deliver. The volume of the penis does not make a man real, good or bad but it is how one acts and thinks.


Most men are concerned about the size of their penis and their ability to satisfy their partner. It is important to measure the magnitude of the penis correctly to be sure whether it is small or big. The enhancement methods that are used in the market are usually false. The drugs, pills and pumps may cause damage to the nerves and the penile tissue. This may cause one to have a problem with achieving an erection in the future. It is important to know what makes a good partner and this should not be determined by the volume of the penis.