Issues Behind Male Impotence

by Nick Swanson

Impotence is a common, but inconvenient, problem for ever man at some point in their life. Most of the time, it will be an irregular issue that only happens occasionally. For other men it is a more common part of life and they want to get to the bottom of the causes of impotence in men. By figuring out what is behind the problems, they can get treatment for the impotence and return to a more normal, active sex life. There are different causes of impotence in men, depending on how old they are and the medical problems they have.

Causes of Impotence in Men

For younger men, the causes of impotence in men usually stems from a mental roadblock that they need to get over. Usually, the impotence is caused by anxiety, depression or guilt. The young man may be anxious over his first time having sex or his first time with a new partner. He could also be afraid of causing a pregnancy, catching a sexually transmitted disease or getting caught. Other causes of impotence in men that are not physically caused are being pressured to finish, depression or exhaustion. Worries from other parts of life can bleed over into sexual performance. Household worries, financial concerns and pressure from the work place can be causes of impotence in young men.

Other causes of impotence in men can come from minor, easy to change health problems. Smoking and other tobacco use, alcohol consumption, using illegal drugs and being overweight can all be causes of impotence in men. Some prescription drugs also cause impotence as a side effect. These problems are easier to solve because all it takes is some lifestyle changes to make the impotence go away. Eating healthier foods and exercising can take care of being overweight and out of shape and doing away with tobacco, alcohol and drugs can eliminate some of the causes of impotence in men.

Some causes of impotence in men are more serious health concerns. Diabetes, heart problems and high blood pressure can all be causes of impotence in men. An examination by a doctor will be able to uncover if any of these problems are why the impotence is a problem. If they are medication and other treatments can be prescribed to treat the underlying issues that are causes of impotence in men. If there are no health problems or psychological problems, there are medications and treatments that can be used to alleviate the impotence concerns.