6 Best Ways to Enhance Fertility for IVF Treatment

If starting a family has been marred by infertility and IVF treatment has been suggested, you’ll know it’s a stressful and expensive time for you and your partner.

However, did you know there are some simple takes you can take to boost your chances of success, including taking a holiday?

You can save several thousand on IVF costs in Mexico, for example, which should easily pay for a sun-filled vacation.

Compare the prices for IVF in Mexico compared to your home country:

US $ CAN $ UK £ EUR € AUS $ NZ $
IVF Price – home 8,000 10,700 6,200 7,400 10,500 11,300
IVF Price Mexico U5,500 7,400 4,200 5,100 7,300 7,800

So, if you are considering a medical tourism vacation for your in vitro fertilization in Mexico, here’s some tips that will boost your chances:


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

1: Go for a Holiday in the Sun

Studies have found that fertility levels are increased[1] in both men and women because sunlight boosts vitamin D levels.

In men, vitamin D is necessary for the healthy growth of each sperm’s nucleus, as well as raising testosterone levels, which are responsible for your sex-drive.

In women, it increases progesterone and estrogen levels which are important in assisting embryo implantation and maintaining pregnancies to full term.

Therefore, for both you and your partner, a holiday in the sun could certainly boost your chances of conceiving by a few percentage points.

2: Reduce Stress

Reduce Stress
It is believed that stress levels may have a detrimental effect on fertility. It slows sperm production and if either you or your partner are obsessed with getting pregnant it is likely to reduce your sex drive.

A relaxing holiday could also be the thing to counteract this, but also anything else that will calm you – meditation, yoga or massage – are worth incorporating into your everyday routine.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

3: Keep Cool

Healthy sperm needs cool surroundings (and we don’t mean the latest bar). Wear loose, cotton shorts, avoid long, hot baths or putting a laptop directly on your knee without laptop rest or tray.

4: Reduce Alcohol and Cigarettes

Smoking has been shown to contribute to both male and female infertility and excessive intake of alcohol can harm sperm production in men and ovulation in women.

Both you and your partner should aim to quit smoking, but as far as alcohol is concerned the odd drink may help you relax as long as you don’t overdo it.

5: Eat Beneficial Foods

Eat Beneficial Foods
Your diet is important when it comes to ensuring you remain in optimal health, but recent studies have also found diet also counts toward fertility.

For men, sperm counts can be increased by reducing fatty foods and eating less red meat and boosting vegetables and fruit. Whereas eating full-fat dairy products may be beneficial in helping women conceive.

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No-one’s saying any of these measures will double your chance of a successful pregnancy. However, the game of small percentages when added together can tip the balance in your favor.

So, work out your IVF costs in Mexico, and give you and your partner the chance you deserve. With any luck, you’ll be able to look back with fond memories at the holiday where you conceived your bundle of joy.

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