Kegel Exercises For Men: How Kegel Exercises Will Transform Your Sex Life?

Sexual problems are much more common that you might think. Both men and women suffer from a large number of sexual disorders that may cause havoc on their sex lives, and leave their partner unsatisfied.

There are various ways to treat these problems, but taking a pill is usually not something that people want to do when it comes to improving their sex lives.

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Kegel exercises is a particular technique that has gained a lot of reputation amongst women in recent years, allowing them a number of benefits when it comes to their reproductive system and sexual organs.

While this particular technique is more popular amongst women, research now also suggests that Kegel exercises are an excellent way in which men can combat some of the most common sexual disorders that they often suffer from.

What Are Kegel Exercises And How To Do Them?

Kegel exercises might be more popular amongst women, but in this guide, we want to focus on the benefits that these exercises have for men in particular.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Many studies have been conducted in the recent past and continue to be conducted to provide more accurate evidence of the benefits that Kegel exercises have for men, so, in this article, we are going to explore these many benefits. First, however, we want to give you a quick overview of what Kegel exercises are and how you can do them.

Kegel exercises are particular exercises that are used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic floor muscles[1]are found at the bottom part of the pelvis. These muscles are responsible for providing a support mechanism to the organs that are foundin the pelvis.

In men, the pelvis supports the bowel and the bladder. While the pelvic floor muscles do not directly support the testicles or the penis, strengthening these muscles may have considerable benefits for the male reproductive organs.

The term “Kegel exercises” might make this technique sound like a time-consuming and tiring activity, but, in reality, Kegel exercises do not take much effort.

Kegel Benefits

It is quick and easy to learn these techniques, and you can do them anywhere – there is no need to go the gym or to the track to perform Kegel exercises. Some people even perform their Kegel exercises while they are waiting for the lift or while sitting in front of their desk at work.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

To do Kegel exercises, you first need to find the pelvic floor muscles and identify the particular part of these muscles that you need to work on. The best way to do this is to initiate urination and then to stop urinating midstream.

The muscles you used to stop urinating even though you were still busy “going” is the pelvic floor muscles – these are the muscles that you need to work on during Kegel exercises.

Now that you have identified the pelvic floor muscles, you can start performing these exercises[2].

Simply contract the muscles you identified earlier in a way that they lift in an upward motion. Once contracted, you should hold for a couple of seconds and then release. Take a quick break and perform the technique again.

There are different types of Kegel exercises, but the technique we just explained form the foundation for all of these exercises.

The Benefits Of Kegel Exercises For Men

We have discussed what Kegel exercises are, how you can identify the pelvic floor muscles and how you can perform these exercises virtually anywhere and at any time. You now know how to do these exercises, so we should look at what benefits you can gain from doing them – since you’ve probably already started practicing after you read the instructions above.

We are going to look at the benefits that men can gain from Kegel exercises in particular, with a focus on the sexual advantages of this technique.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation Status
Premature ejaculation refers to reaching orgasm too soon while having sexual intercourse.[3] reports that at least 30% of the global male population experiences premature ejaculation, with some experiencing the condition infrequently and others on a more regular basis.

They also explain that it is quite difficult to determine the prevalence accurately since there is not a medical definition for diagnosing premature ejaculation and no tests can be performed to officially diagnose the condition.
Instead, it is generally considered premature ejaculation if a man orgasms during sex too soon – at a time interval where he and his partner was not yet satisfied to the fullest extent. Some classifications to note that it is often considered premature ejaculation when a man orgasms within two minutes of penetration.

Kegel exercises have been proven to be beneficial for men who suffers from premature ejaculation. A particular study, published in the utexas Journals[4], performed a clinical study on a total of 40 men that have been experiencing premature ejaculation since their first sexual encounter – in other words, the men suffered from primary, or lifelong, premature ejaculation.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

All participants reached orgasm within an average of one minute after penetration. The participants were asked to perform Kegel exercises for a total of 12 weeks. After the 12-week period, 82.5% of the participants gained better control over their ejaculations. The average time for reaching orgasm after the study was approximately two minutes and twenty seconds.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction Status
Erectile dysfunction is considered one of the most common sexual disorders in men. The condition causes erectile problems, resulting in a limb erection or an erection that does not last for a period of time that is long enough to have sexual intercourse.

In more severe cases, erectile dysfunction may cause complete loss of the ability to achieve an erection. More than half of the global male population is affected by erectile dysfunction at some level, as reported by Cleveland Clinic[5].

A report published on Wiley Online Library[6] examined the effects that Kegel exercises may have on the erectile function amongst a group of men that suffered from erectile dysfunction.

A total of 55 men participated in the study, all of whom were older than 20 years of age and had experienced the symptoms of erectile dysfunction for a minimum of six months. The intervention group was asked to implement certain changes to their lifestyle and to perform Kegel exercises, while the control group was only advised on certain lifestyle changes.

Further exercises and interventions were also included later in the study. After a six-month period had passed, the participants were asked about the effects of Kegel exercises on their erectile function. Out of the 55 men that participated in the study, 40% was able to achieve normal functionality when it comes to their erectile function after the six-month period.

A total of 35.5% also experienced improvements in their ability to gain and maintain an erection. Only 24.5% of the participants did not experience improvements during the trial period.

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Sex is important for many people, and has many benefits for two partners that are in a relationship. When problems develop in the bedroom, they may also have an adverse impact on a relationship – even outside the bedroom.

Kegel exercises are very popular amongst women, but is also gaining ground amongst men due to the numerous benefits they pose for men. From enhancing erectile function to combatting some common sexual disorders that can make men feel less competent in the bedroom, these exercises are quick and easy to do, and offers long-term benefits.

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