Latest Research on Male Impotence

If you’re one of the more than 30 million men in America who suffer from impotence, you likely want to keep yourself informed on everything there is to know about the causes, treatments, and cures available. This common problem is often a bit more misunderstood than you might think, and taking a closer look at the latest research on male impotence is important. Science is always on the march forward, and today there are new developments being made on a regular basis that helps highlight new risk factors and new treatments for this problem.

Latest Research on Male Impotence

For instance, there are currently brand new treatments for male impotence being developed right now. These include:

  • Topiglan – A cream rubbed onto the penis that delivers the same drug injection therapy utilizes.
  • Uprima – A tablet that dissolves underneath he tongue and boosts creation of dopamine.
  • Gene Therapy – A kind of treatment that delivers genes that actually help boost protein levels that could help penile function increase.
  • Melanocortin Activators – Drugs that could be delivered intranasally and help men with psychological ED.

There has also been a growing amount of research placed on natural treatments for male impotence, and the latest research continues to reveal that different options could provide a way to overcome the problem without drugs. Things like acupuncture, natural supplements, and even sexual counseling are all under research, each one revealing surprising and exciting possibilities for impotence treatment.

Even the causes of male impotence are still being studied, with new discoveries still being made. For example, a recent study uncovered a link between gum disease and erectile dysfunction, suggesting that far more possible causes exist than were once suspected. As more possible causes of ED are uncovered, the ability to treat and overcome those root causes increases.

In short, even though male impotence continues to plague men around the world, science isn’t slowing down on its research into the causes and cures. With more known about the condition than ever before, and with new information being uncovered every day, it only makes sense that the future of combating male impotence is bright.

Keeping yourself aware of the latest research is important if you suffer from this problem, and by staying informed on the latest developments you’ll be able to give yourself the ability to know all of the potential options for overcoming your problem. Whether it’s gene therapy or natural treatments, the future holds a lot of promise in this field.