Longer Stamina in Bed – Some Information

There are many men out there that are curious as to how they can achieve longer stamina in bed. It does not matter how long they can go for, some men just think that they should last longer than they do. There are several ways in which a man can get longer stamina in bed than he already has. Some of the ways a man can get longer stamina in bed are: using desensitizing creams on the penis, changing the way you masturbate and not getting overexcited while you are having sexual intercourse. Read on to discover more about each of these methods.

Longer Stamina in Bed

Using a desensitizing cream on your penis is one way you can get longer stamina in bed. A desensitizing cream is safe to use. The cream has benzocaine in it, so all it does is make the penis a little numb to the way the sex feels, thus ensuring that you have longer stamina in bed. All you do is rub the desensitizing cream on the penis about 15-20 minutes before sexual intercourse and you should get all of the benefits from the cream and get longer stamina in bed. The cream should not have any effect on your partner as long as you rub it in well and allow it to dry before the sexual encounter.

Another way you can get longer stamina in bed is to retrain yourself during masturbation. Most men are only thinking of getting an orgasm as quickly as possible when they masturbate. This action somewhat trains your brain to associate the feeling of sexual intercourse with having an orgasm early – thus making it to where you do not have longer stamina in bed. The way to retrain how you and your penis react to sexual stimulation, when you masturbate, get yourself right to the breaking point and then stop altogether. After the feeling of getting ready to climax goes away, start masturbating again. Keep repeating the process and you will definitely begin to have longer stamina in bed.

Probably the most basic advice for how to get longer stamina in bed is to just not get overexcited while having sexual intercourse. Of course, this is incredibly easier said than done. One way to achieve this is to think of other things while you are having sex. If your mind is on something else, you are definitely going to have longer stamina in bed than you would otherwise. Of course, do not get too distracted while trying to have longer stamina in bed because that will have very negative effects on the sexual experience and it will not matter how long you were able to go for.