Longjack Ingredients

by Cheryl Powers

Longjack is a well-known ingredient often used in traditional medicines to treat low sex drive and as an aphrodisiac. In Indonesia it is often referred to as Asian ‘Viagra’, giving the impression that it can help treat erectile dysfunction, although there is no conclusive proof that this is the case. What is known about Longjack that it can be beneficial in supporting levels of testosterone, the male sex hormone responsible for a number of sexual functions in the body. It is thought that Longjack has the ability to free testosterone that has been ‘bound’ by the substance extract and by doing so helps to not only support male sexuality and virility, but also support lean body muscle and tissue. It is for this reason that Longjack can often be found included in athletes supplements.


Most over-the-counter products containing Longjack include it with other beneficial ingredients, and it is important to ensure that the substance is added in its optimal quantity. Additionally, the quality of the ingredient can vary and some people believe that one can ‘test’ its purity by tasting how bitter it is (bitterness being a characteristic of the Longjack extract). Longjack is normally sold either in powder form or in a capsule, with the price depending on the manufacturer. It is normal though to expect to pay in the range of $40-$70 for a one month supply of a Longjack product. Most manufacturers recommend that Longjack is taken for an initial period of time, for example 8 weeks, at a dose of 1-2 capsules daily, and then taking it in cycles. This allows the ingredient to build up in potency, but helps avoid any unpleasant side effects that may occur with long term use. Although Longjack is generally thought to be safe to use by most men, it has not been extensively researched or tested in humans and it is not known if it interacts badly with any Drug medications.

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