What Causes a Loss of Desire in Men?

The media often concentrates on women who suffer from a loss of sexual desire but the truth is loss of desire in men is just as common. Men can suffer from a lack of sexual desire just like women. Stress, medical conditions, anxiety, and erectile dysfunction all play a role in decreasing a male’s sexual desire. Determining the cause of the loss of desire in men can help you seek treatment and restore your sexual desire. The following are some of the most common reasons men suffer a loss of sexual desire.

What Causes a Loss of Desire in Men

Performance anxiety is a major cause of loss of desire in men. Many men have a fear of not being able to live up to society’s standards in the bedroom and this can lead to a decrease in sexual desire. Men also fear the possibility of climaxing too early and disappointing their partner. The stress and anxiety associated with having to perform at a certain level has a dramatic impact on a man’s sexual desire. Working to increase stamina and endurance, and relaxing during sexual activity can help lead to an increase in sexual desire in men.

Outside stress from work or family can also be a cause of loss of desire in men. Family and work stress can often cause men to feel as if they are unworthy of receiving love and affection from their partner. When this happens it can cause a man’s libido to shut down completely. Stress can also have a dramatic impact on the part of the brain that produces hormones. When these hormones are not produced it can cause a loss of desire in men. Learning relaxation techniques and finding a way to decrease stress and anxiety can help you increase sexual desire.
Some mental and physical conditions can lead to a loss of desire in men.

Conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases can have a direct impact on a man’s sexual desire because they limit the amount of blood that flows throughout the body. A decrease in blood flow can cause a dramatic loss of desire in men. Other conditions such as depression, cancer, neurological disorders and thyroid problems can lead to a loss of sexual desire in men. Seeking medical treatment for these mental and physical conditions from a trained medical professional can not only help you feel physically better but it can help you increase your sexual desire.