Causes of Loss of Desire in Women

by Nick Swanson

Many women are reporting a loss of desire in the bedroom. A loss of sexual desire, or low libido, is a medical condition that is often caused by a decrease in hormones and other outside factors such as stress, anxiety, and relationship troubles. A loss of sexual desire can cause problems in a couple’s relationship and lead to stress and anxiety in the bedroom. While the cause of a woman’s loss of desire will vary depending upon age, sex, employment history and relationship status, there are still several common factors that cause a loss of desire in most women.

Causes of Loss of Desire in Women

Many medical conditions can cause a loss of desire in women. Mental disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety disorder can prevent the brain from producing the hormones that are necessary for increasing sexual desire. Other medical issues such as endometriosis, thyroid disorder, diabetes, fibroids, and neurological disorders can also have the same impact on women. These mental and physical medical conditions have a dramatic impact on a women’s sexual drive as they can both cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Treating these mental and physical medical conditions can often lead to an increase in a woman’s sexual desire.

Low testosterone levels can also cause a loss of desire in women. Testosterone is responsible for creating the sexual drive in both men and women. Low levels of testosterone can cause a woman to lose her sexual desire. Testosterone levels will start to decrease in women around the age of 30. These levels will dramatically decrease until a woman hits menopause. Some medications such as oral contraceptives can also play a role in decreasing the amount of testosterone the body produces. Herbal supplements and patches can be used to increase testosterone levels in women and hopefully restore a woman’s sexual desire.

Women can have a loss of desire due to outside factors that can cause stress and anxiety in the bedroom. Outside factors such as problems with work, relationship troubles, and peer pressure all have a direct impact on a woman’s sexual desire. Media images and porn can also impact how a woman perceives her body and cause a loss of desire. Women see these images and often feel as if they are unable to live up to the images created by the media. Seeking psychotherapy to relieve the stress and anxiety caused by these outside factors can help a woman increase her sexual desire.