Loss of Libido – Some Common Causes

by Nick Swanson

Libido is simply the amount of sexual desire that a person has, and loss of libido is a drop in it. The desire to have sex is a common aspect of human nature and is based on our instinct to procreate as well as our simple enjoyment of sexual intercourse. Some people have much higher libido than others, and a measurement of just what normal libido is is impossible to make due to the fact that each of us is different. But there is such a thing as loss of libido, and the causes and symptoms of loss of libido vary as widely as the actual amount of libido that a person may have.

Loss of Libido

Low libido is subjective, obviously, but loss of libido is a bit easier to measure since a person can compare their current libido levels to their previous levels. If a steep loss of libido is experienced, then it could be a sign of a bigger problem. Loss of Libido is more common among women than it is among men, but both sexes can experience a loss of desire. Hormonal issues are one reason that libido levels may fall, and one of the first things a physician may examine. Hypothyroidism is a common cause, as is lowered testosterone levels in both men and women.

Mental and emotional issues can cause loss of libido to occur as well. These include general stress, fatigue, and anxiety. Even more common are relationship issues. Unresolved relationship problems can lead to a lack of desire in your partner, and infidelity or trust issues are one of the most common reasons that sexual desire decreases in a relationship. In some instances latent homosexuality is the root cause of loss of libido. In most of these psychological instances, counseling is one of the first steps towards solving the condition. Many medications or physical conditions including cancer, diabetes, and even clinical depression can also cause loss of libido.

And lifestyle can play a major role as well. Things such as smoking, heavy drinking, and recreational drug use can actually cause a loss of libido despite some people’s beliefs to the contrary. Those who are severely underweight or even malnourished will often suffer Loss of Libido. In some instances exercise and a decrease in drinking and smoking is more than adequate to solve libido problems while in other cases more aggressive treatment such as hormone replacement may be needed. Speaking with your doctor should be the first step you take if you notice a loss of libido hat is causing problems in your life.