Why Do Some Men Experience Low Labido?

by Nick Swanson

Low Labido

The sex drive is one of the most natural things a person can experience. It is not uncommon for a man to lose some of his sex drive as he gets older, although most men never lose their desire for sex at any age. That means that a low labido is not something that should naturally be happening.

When you start to experience a low labido, you need to think about taking the necessary steps to rectify the situation. Remember that a case of low labido affects your partner and your relationship as well as yourself. There is much more at stake here than just your own sexual and physical happiness.

One of the causes of a low labido is clinical depression. It is called clinical depression because it is more than just a simple case of the blues. Clinical depression persists for a long time and the sufferer often needs to be put on medication to balance out the situation.

If you have clinical depression, then that can lead to a low labido. You will need to discuss the details with your doctor to see of the low labido is causing your depression or vice versa. In most cases, the depression triggers a series of other symptoms with many of them relating to sexual dysfunction. It is something that can be treated if you allow your doctor to diagnose you properly.

Stress can also cause a low labido, but it is not always noticeable by the person experiencing the stress. If the stress is work related, then the person going through it is fixated on work and not aware that he has a low labido. If he is told that he has a low labido by his partner and it is affecting their relationship, then he may stop to rearrange his schedule and do something about it.

If the stress is not work related and it is just a general inability to deal with stress, then professional help can be sought out on various ways to relieve and deal with the stress of daily life. As the stress goes away, the labido comes back.

A lack of energy can also cause a low labido. If you have allowed your physical conditioning to slip and are becoming overweight, then that may cause you to experience low energy and a low labido.

The most obvious solution is to start exercising and begin to lose weight. A low labido is just one of the problems that come with gaining weight. Heart disease and sore joints can also be the result of excessive weight gain.