The Top Fruits that Will Improve Low Libido in Men and Women

by Nick Swanson

Low libido is a problem that plagues many men and women. Low libido is a lack of sexual desire or drive, and can happen in both men and women. This lack of sexual desire can cause stress, anxiety and relationship problems to occur. While there are several herbal supplements and patches that offer to help increase libido, the answer might be no further than your kitchen cabinet. Some fruits and vegetables contain certain qualities that are known to increase hormone production and increase libido. People who are reluctant to use herbal supplements may want to consider adding these fruits to their diet in hopes of their increasing libido.

Fruits that Will Improve Low Libido in Men and Women

Many dieticians recommend adding pomegranates to your diet if you are trying to fix a low libido in both men and women. Pomegranates are great fruits to increase sexual drive because they have been shown to low blood pressure. High blood pressure can often be the cause of low libido in both men and women. When the pomegranate is consumed it helps the body produce higher levels of nitric oxide which is a used to help open up blood vessels and lower blood pressure. Pomegranates can be consumed in juice form or raw.

Figs are also recommended for people who are trying to fix low libido in both men and women. Figs are added to the diet because they contain high amounts of amino acids. Amino acids can help increase sexual desire and improve sexual performance by increasing the blood flow to the body. Figs also lower blood pressure due to the levels of nitric oxide is helps the body produce. Some people believe that figs can also help increase stamina and endurance but there is no medical evidence to prove that this happens from consuming a fig.

Avocados are another good fruit to add to the diet when you are trying to fix low libido in both men and women. Avocados can help increase a woman’s libido because of the levels of vitamin B6 and potassium they contain. Women who consume more potassium and higher levels of vitamin B6 see an increase in energy which can lead to an increase in sexual desire. Men and women both benefit from the high levels of folic acid found in avocados. Folic acid can increase blood flow to the body and increase energy levels. If you are suffering from low libido consider adding avocados, figs, and pomegranates to your diet.