Low T Cell Count – Be Sure You Know Your Testosterone Numbers

by Nick Swanson

Low T cells are white blood cells, and problems with them can indicate certain types of cancer. Many men, however, accidentally stumble upon that information when they are looking for information on low testosterone levels. It’s an easy mistake to make, especially for men who have been told that they have low T. They may come home, concerned, and search for low T cell count. That won’t give them the information they need, unless they have also received a cancer diagnosis. The combination of those two problems would be unlikely as a diagnosis.

Low T Cell Count

If you’ve searched or low T cell count and realized that what you really wanted to find was information on low T – or low testosterone level – you’re not alone. Lower levels of testosterone can be upsetting to men because those low levels affect sex drive. Low T can also cause muscle loss and weight gain, both of which most men would like to avoid. Most often, men who have low T are older. The lower level of testosterone is a natural part of the aging process, similar to the way that a woman progresses through menopause. This can happen quickly or take many years from a hormonal standpoint.

Men who have low t can get treatment, of course, which can help them to feel better. If there has been some confusion about their diagnosis, they are generally relieved to realize that a low T cell count wasn’t what their doctor meant when he said low T. Once they realize that their problem lies in a lack of production of a common hormone, they can explore options to feel better again. Since having low T can also mean a lack of energy, most men who are low on testosterone want to get better so they can start enjoying life again.

In order to correct the problem, many men choose to take testosterone under the care of a doctor. That is one of the best ways to boost their levels and feel better quickly. Adjusting hormones can mean having some side effects, though, so don’t be surprised if you feel a bit strange when you start taking testosterone. As your levels return to normal, you’ll feel like your old self again and have more sex drive, energy, and stamina. You may also lose extra weight that you gained while your T levels were low. Remember, low T is very treatable, and a much better diagnosis than a low T cell count.