Low T Gel- An Alternative to Traditional Forms of Hormone Replacement

There are a few different types of hormone replacement therapy that have been successful in raising testosterone levels in cases of Low T. They include injections, pills, and most recently, gels. They all have their pros and cons, and each one may be right for some while not working out so well for others. The important thing is that the condition be treated so that those suffering can live a normal life daily, rather than suffering from the effects of Low T indefinitely. Low T can lead to depression, decreased sexual function, hair loss, obesity, high blood pressure, and even diabetes. Treatment is available, the only choice is whether to go with injections, pills, strongr Low T gel.

Low T Gel

Injections work well and quickly as they get the hormone straight to the blood stream. This also means that in many cases the effects wear off quickly. There is usually a lag between injections, meaning that results are not consistent and patients can suffer from dips in between injections. While the medicine works quickly and is high effective, it is disappointing to have relief for only a short time. Injections are also very uncomfortable, and many simply will not take them. These things combine to make them one of the least favorite forms of treatment when compared to pills or low gel.

Pills are effective and more consistent because they can be taken closer together than injections. However, they take longer to hit the blood stream and therefore longer to take effect. Pills have to dissolve in the stomach before they can be carried to the blood and do what they are supposed to do. This means if you miss a dose it could take a while to get back to normal, but not as long as if you had to wait for an injection. Until the approval of Low T gel by the FDA, this was one of the favored methods of treating Low T.

Recently the FDA approved a Low T gel for use in the treatment of low testosterone levels. This is a breakthrough as it eliminates many of the negative aspects of the pills and injections while still maintaining the highly effective elements of each. It hits the blood stream quickly, as injections do, but is more consistent and can be applied on a consistent basis more like a pill. It is simply rubbed into pulse points and is absorbed through the skin, thus effectively raising testosterone levels.