Low T Levels – Do You Know Your Testosterone Levels?

If you haven’t had your testosterone levels checked, it’s something you should consider. low T levels can contribute to muscle loss, weight gain, a lower sex drive, and other problems. Not every man with those issues suffers from low T, but it’s an easy thing to find out. Your doctor can do a simple test to check your level. If it’s low, there are treatments available for you to consider. Depending on how low your testosterone level is, you may or may not want to seek treatment for it, but at least you’ll have an idea where you stand. That can also help if your testosterone level fluctuates in the future.

Low T Levels

Many men see low T levels as they get older, although lower levels can also occur in younger men. Men that are middle-aged and older can go through a male form of menopause, called andropause, which is a normal part of the aging process. Because of that process, however, men may find that they aren’t as interested in sex as they used to be. They may even have hot flashes and irritability. These kinds of problems can send them to their doctors, uncertain as to what’s wrong with them and why they suddenly feel differently.

Just like women going through menopause, the problems may come on suddenly or gradually, and they may be mild or severe. Some men can pinpoint the very first day that they had low T levels just based on how they felt that day – and have felt since that time. Other men may not even be aware that their testosterone levels are low, because they really don’t feel that much different than they did in the past. Each man is different, but they all should have their T levels checked to establish a baseline.

While having low T levels won’t hurt you, it has the potential to affect your quality of life. That’s worth checking into, so you can consider treatment options if your levels are low and if you feel that you need to do something to feel better and like your old self again. Talking with your doctor is the right choice. You don’t want to get involved with treatments that might not be safe or effective, because they can easily cause more harm than good. Use only approved treatments for low T, and you won’t have to worry about side effects that you were unprepared for or that were not expected.