Different Low T Symptoms – What Happens When You Have Low Testosterone?

Every low T symptom can be mild or severe, depending on both the man and the symptom. Whether you have low libido, a lack of energy, weight gain, a loss of muscle mass, or some of the other symptoms of low t, sometimes it’s one symptom that will send you to your doctor. That can happen because the symptom is so annoying that you need to get some relief from it, or because the symptom is frightening and you think that something far more serious may be going wrong somewhere in your body.

Different Low T Symptoms

It really doesn’t matter what low T symptom sends you to the doctor. The main thing is that you go and get checked out to be sure the problems you’re having really are related to a low level of testosterone. If your doctor says it’s low T, you’ll need to talk with him about treatment options. Many men who have low T take supplemental testosterone so that they can raise their T levels and start feeling like they used to. For some men, though, the symptoms aren’t that big of a deal once they know what’s causing them. They were more worried about a medical condition than they were bothered by the symptoms.

There really is no right or wrong answer as to whether you should treat the low T symptom that brought you to the doctor and all of the other symptoms that you may already have or that you may develop in the future. If the symptoms are bothering you, it may be a good idea to treat them. If they don’t bother you, you may choose not to seek treatment. Supplementing with testosterone can help you regain energy, stamina, and libido, but it can also have unwanted side effects.

Some women are told not to take hormone replacement therapy because of specific risk factors in their family history. You may have the same issue with taking testosterone, and it’s something that you’ll want to talk over very carefully with your doctor. No matter what low T symptom may be bothering you, you certainly don’t want to take unnecessary risks with your overall health. Whether you take supplemental testosterone for low T is something only you can decide, but your doctor can give you all of the information and help you to make an informed decision that carefully weighs all of the risks and benefits you may see from the therapy.