Low T Test – Get Checked Out to See if You Have Low Testosterone

Have you had a low T test? If you haven’t and you’re a man who’s approaching middle age or older, you may want to make an appointment to see your doctor. Ask him to check your testosterone levels so that you can find out if you have low T. Many men see their testosterone levels drop as they get older. They will have hormone fluctuations, just like women get when they go through menopause. The male version of menopause is called andropause, and it can definitely affect your T levels.

Low T Test

While it’s not harmful for you to have low T, test results will be able to show you whether this is what’s causing the symptoms you may have. If you’re lethargic and don’t have much libido anymore, and if you’re losing some muscle mass but gaining weight around your midsection, you may have low T. You can get treatment for it through taking testosterone so you can feel like you used to. Some men just accept their lower T levels, and that’s also fine. It’s your choice, but until you see your doctor you won’t know if you have the condition or what options you have if you do want treatment.

A low T test is very easy and doesn’t take long. You can get one inexpensively, and that will answer your question as to whether your testosterone is low. Of course, how you feel is also a good gauge of whether you’re low in testosterone, because some men naturally have lower T levels than others. If your level is naturally low, you may feel just fine with low T. Other men who normally have high levels and have seen those levels drop off may feel very poorly simply because they aren’t used to lower levels of T in their bodies.

Any man can get a low T test, but doctors use them more commonly in men who are over 40 years of age. Low T can also occur in much younger men as a result of a genetic condition, medical problem, or injury to the testes. Sometimes, even a head injury or severe sickness can cause a man’s testosterone to be low, so if you’re a younger man but you’re finding that you have a lot of low T symptoms, there’s no reason why you can’t make an appointment with your doctor to be tested. Then you can go from there.