Low T Therapy – Your Options

Treatment for low testosterone has been around for a while and is generally tolerated very well by individuals who undergo it. The most common type of low T therapy generally involves testosterone creams and gels. As much as 60% of individuals undergoing low therapy are treated using these types of products. An individual diagnosed with low testosterone levels will most likely be started on some type of gel because it is convenient to use and well tolerated. It can also get testosterone levels back up to their normal levels fairly quickly.

Low T Therapy

One thing that should be kept in mind when using gels as low T therapy is that it is necessary for an individual to be careful not to get any of the cream on women or children. Another option when it comes to testosterone therapy is pills. The drawback to this particular type of therapy is that they can be toxic to an individual’s liver and can cause heart problems as well as elevated levels of cholesterol. Many physicians also feel that testosterone pills are not as effective as some of the other treatment options that are currently available, but they may be the best choice in certain situations.

Another common form of low T therapy is injections. Testosterone injections are generally given once every two weeks but some individuals have reported that they feel a ‘roller coaster effect’ due to rising and dropping levels of testosterone. A doctor may prescribe a multiuse vial of testosterone that an individual can administer to themselves at home. Although administering self injections of testosterone may not be the ideal situation for every individual, some people have found that this is the perfect way to get the testosterone that they need so they can get back to living their life the way that they are used to.

No matter which form of low t therapy an individual feels is best for them, the great thing about the options available is that a person no longer needs to simply accept a drop in testosterone levels is a natural part of growing older. The drop in sex drive, reduction in muscle mass, loss of energy, and increase in belly fat can all be avoided thanks to modern low T therapy. In order to determine whether or not testosterone levels are the cause of the changes that a person is feeling, it will be necessary for person undergo blood tests and a physical examination at their doctor’s office.