What is Low T? – An Explanation of the Issue

As men age they can experience a wide range of different issues. Among them are sexually related problems as well as issues that affect their health more completely. One issue that might cause serious problems is known as Low T, or low testosterone. If you’re asking yourself ‘What is low T?’, the best way to get answers is to focus on the major points of it. These include its symptoms, its causes, and overcoming it. Grasping these concepts will make it much easier to understand the condition. Since millions of men are affected by it, it’s well worth understanding.

What is Low T

So what is Low T? Basically, it’s simply a lower than normal level of testosterone within the body. Testosterone affects a wide range of different factors in a man, and low T can have numerous symptoms as a result. Lowered sex drive is one of the most common, and in some cases a man may have trouble with erectile dysfunction as a result of it. Other symptoms include irritability, mood swings, depression, weight gain, fatigue, low self-esteem, and more. While a doctor is the only one who can diagnose you with certainty, these symptoms are all very strong signs that you may be suffering from low testosterone.

Once you understand what low T is, the next question to focus on is just what causes it. In most cases it’s nothing more than a side effect of aging. As men grow older their body begins to create lower levels of testosterone. These testosterone drops are common and occur gradually. When the levels drop too suddenly or to levels that are too low, an issue may be at hand. In younger men, the causes of testosterone drops aren’t really known in most cases although underlying issues could be at work. In any rate, the next step is to figure out what to do about the issue.

Most physicians agree that in older men suffering from low testosterone, treatment may not be needed. Hormone levels will often balance themselves out as the months go by. But in cases where very low testosterone is reached in men of any age, replacement therapy may be needed. This is usually done through a gel that is rubbed onto the shoulders and absorbed into the skin. Women shouldn’t touch these body parts for a certain amount of time to avoid causing their own hormonal balance. So what is low t? Sadly, it’s just a natural part of growing older in most cases. But in others, it could be an issue that needs to be dealt with.