Low Testosterone in Men – Treatment Options

Thanks to advances in medical science, it is no longer necessary for man to simply accept low testosterone levels as a natural part of aging. While both men and women will experience testosterone levels that decrease as they get older, men can combat low T, commonly referred to as male menopause, with a variety of treatment options available from their physician. Low testosterone in men can be responsible for a variety of symptoms ranging from erectile dysfunction to weight gain but it will be necessary for a physician to perform a blood test and a physical examination in order to determine whether or not dropping testosterone levels are the culprit.

Low Testosterone in Men

Some studies have shown that as much as 25% of men with low testosterone levels will experience a condition known as andropause. This condition can also lead to bone loss, lethargy and difficulty sleeping. Aside from this condition, Low testosterone in men can result in a dramatically decreased sex drive, loss of muscle mass, weight gain, irritability, mood swings and a general lack of energy. Depending on the individual, testosterone levels will begin to naturally drop off once a man reaches their late 30s and early 40s.

Once testosterone levels begin to drop, they will fall annually by anywhere from 0.3% to as much as 1%. While this drop may not seem dramatic, it can have profound effects on a way that a man looks and feels. Low testosterone in men and the reduced libido that it causes can have a man feeling like less than himself. When doing testing to determine whether or not low testosterone is responsible for the changes that a man is going through, a physician will also likely check to ensure that his pituitary gland is functioning normally.

Low testosterone in men is treated with testosterone replacement therapy, or TRT. This therapy will involve pills, creams, gels, patches or injections. There are pros and cons to each type of therapy and will be necessary for man to discuss the available options with his physician in order to determine which the right choice is for him. Fortunately, the availability of treatment means that a man no longer needs to simply accept low testosterone as a natural part of life. He can regain his youthful energy and sex drive. While TRT is still a fairly recent medical innovation, and has proven to be incredibly helpful for a wide variety of men.