Low Testosterone Level and Its Causes

People often think that testosterone is only found in men, but the truth is, it is generally found in both the female and male sexes. When you speak about low testosterone or hypogonadism, it is not really defining what the issue is. Disregarding the glandular and/or organ failures, and/or disease, men will produce enough quantities of testosterone. And when we get older, the normal level of testosterone that our body produces gradually falls. This condition is usually encountered by most men than women. The normal level of testosterone in men is between 350 to 1230 nano grams per deciliter. And if your testosterone level is lower than this range, you may possibly have the medical condition called low testosterone level.

Causes of Low Testosterone Level

Low Testosterone Level and Its Causes

There are three types of low testosterone level. First is the primary hypogonadism which occurs when the problem is in the organs producing the testosterone. The factors that cause this are:

  • Age – As people age, the bodily functions decrease not only for the muscles and the nerves but for the hormones that the body produces, especially testosterone.
  • Undescended Testicles – This occurs when the testes don’t descend on the scrotal sac during the fetal development of male babies. This condition will lead to low testosterone level.
  • Mumps Orchitis – Mumps is a highly contagious viral infection. This infection can cause inflammation of the testes among males which can cause the lowering of testosterone level.

The second and third type of low testosterone level are the secondary and tertiary hypogonadism which occurs when there is a damage in the hypothalamus or pituitary and/or when there are failure in the production of hormones to stimulate the gonads. The following are the causes of this type of hypogonadism:

  • HIV, AIDS, and Tuberculosis – Having one of these conditions, may result to the inflammation of the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus.
  • Obesity – This can severely affect the production of testosterone level because it causes large amounts of fat cell to convert into estrogen, thus, affecting the testosterone levels of our body.
  • Damaged flow of blood to the pituitary gland caused by rapid loss of blood due to trauma or accidents.
  • Kallman’s Syndrome – This is a genetic disorder that affects the normal function of the hypothalamus. This is also a rare condition wherein a person is not able to smell or distinguish odors.
  • Prostate cancer and alcoholism – These can reduce the production of testosterone and simultaneously weaken the body’s immune system.
  • Illegal use of steroids and drugs that are addictive – The use of these can hinder the normal synthesis of testosterone in our body.

There are different causes of low testosterone level depending on its type. Knowing the specific cause of low testosterone in a person will help a health care provider come up with the right diagnosis and treatment options.