Have Low Testosterone? Does It Make Man Gay?

It is a known fact the world over that the hormone testosterone is the main factor that helps to power the male sex drive and erectile strength. In men, it is testosterone that is responsible for sexual desire. The hormone is also present in low levels in women and this explains the reason why women with more testosterone levels in their bodies may act more like men.

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Testosterone is the hormone in men that gives them the sexual characteristics that make them be identical to men. Some of these characteristics include aggressiveness, body hair, memory skills associated with sex and competitive activities, the size of the male sex organ, the interest and ability to use the penis, and their skin texture.

Can Low Testosterone make man Gay?

As earlier mentioned the hormone testosterone is very important for men because during puberty it helps them in the development of the penis and testis. It is also important to note that testosterone is not just vital during a man’s growth period.

In adult men, it helps to boost the libido and also stabilize the moods. When there are low levels of the hormone in the body it causes serious effects such as problems with a man’s moods and physical health too. Though that the hormone also plays a role in the libido of women too.

Can Low Testosterone Make a Man Gay?

We can say that men with low levels of testosterone are more predictable to become gay because of the functions that the hormone play in shaping up a man defining a man by giving men their distinctive masculine features with regards to sexuality.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Scientific studies found out that women who have got higher levels of testosterone exhibit characteristics most associated with men. Such women may be assertive or go-getters in life.

The study also shows that men who have low levels of testosterone appear to show more affection to their children; as compared to those with more testosterone. Science has proven that indeed it is the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone that are the determining factors of our sexuality.

Some tests were performed on rats, in which some female rats were injected with testosterone. It was found out that those injected with the hormone tended to mount their female counterparts who were not injected.

What had happened is that the ones that were not injected with the hormone and so have low levels of the hormone based on the fact that they were female were even submissive.

How Low can Low Testosterone make man Gay?

You will find that men with higher levels of testosterone will have a more masculine appearance and will behave in a more aggressive manner. Men with low levels of testosterone tend to act and look more like women. While women with more testosterone than other women also tend to act more masculine. The truth, however, is that science has not conclusively found a connection between testosterone levels and a person’s sexual orientation.

There are some studies which have found out that the way women respond to estrogen in their bodies is totally different from the way men will respond to it in their bodies. In women when an introduction of estrogen is with their body, their bodies will respond by producing more of the luteinizing hormone; while there will be no such response in men. What is interesting though is that homosexual men will respond more like women when estrogen is introducing in their bodies. Something that suggests that homosexual men may have a female like a hypothalamus.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

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What Makes a Man Gay?

In the real sense, one cannot say categorically that if a man has got less of testosterone; then he automatically will become gay. This is also the same for women who may have higher levels of the hormone compared with other women. The only thing that one can say is the fact that testosterone is vital to male fertility. Because it is the factor that enables the testes to change the Leydig cells into sperm cells.

Testosterone is also responsible for the stimulation of the growth and maintenance of the penis for it to remain in its normal size. With all these facts in mind, it only thing one can say is that the hormone is very important in some sort of way in determining a man becoming heterosexual rather than a homosexual.


There are no studies that have conclusively found out for a fact that indeed if someone has less testosterone in his body he will automatically become gay. One must note that men who are gay particularly the ones who marries their homosexual partners. They usually tend to show submission a characteristic of less testosterone in the body. We all know that testosterone is what actually makes men be aggressive and not submissive.

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