Maca Andina Ingredients-Everything You Need To Know About

by Cheryl Powers

Maca Andina is derived from the Maca root which is found largely in the Andes. It has been used in Peru for many years to treat a variety of illnesses, but is becoming supportingly popular in North America as a male sexual enhancement ingredient. Maca Andina is a highly nutritious substance, containing high levels of Potassium, Phosperous, Iodine, Manganese and many Phytonutrients. The conditions it can help benefit range from stress and blood circulation to supporting fertility and endurance. For these reasons, not only is it used to support sexual performance but is popular among athletes and body builders too. While Maca Adina is largely marketed towards men, it is even used in some products meant to treat female menopausal symptoms as it does have a hormone-balancing effect.

Maca Andina

In terms of male enhancement products, Maca Andina is available in many forms including powder, oral capsules and is also sometimes included in certain foods such as chocolate and energy shakes. Used on a regular basis any male taking Maca Andina should experience an support in sexual desire and libido and also find that they have more stamina during sexual activity. While many of the benefits of Maca Andina are anecdotal, there have been some scientific studies performed on the substance. It has been found to reverse SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction and did support sexual behaviour in lab rats. In human trials it proved successful in supporting sperm volume during a 4-month period, explaining why it can improve fertility and virility.

There have not been any harmful side effects reported from users of Maca Adina, particularly when taken in the short term. The recommended dosage is approximately 500mg taken once or twice a day. It should be noted though that because Maca Andina does have some stimulating effects, sensitive users may experience insomnia and restlessness.

Because there are so many different manufacturers producing Maca Adina supplements the price can vary greatly. As a rule, however, the consumer should ensure that the ingredient is added at an optimal dose and that the source and purity of the Maca is disclosed.

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