MACA Ingredients – Does It Really Work For Sexual Arousal?

by Cheryl Powers

Maca is a root vegetable that can be found in many forms including powder, liquid and capsules. It has become so popular of recent years and is even used in foods such as chocolate and cereals and can be widely purchased in retail outlets and on the internet. While Maca is a relatively new ingredient in North America, it has been used for centuries in countries such as Peru where it is known as ‘Peruvian Viagra’ for its ability in treating sexual dysfunction. In particular it is thought to have the ability of supporting sexual desire (libido), producing more sperm and supporting sexual stamina and recovery time during sexual activity.


While Maca is used more by men in terms of its sexual benefits, it is included in many female supplements as it is thought to aid in hormonal balance and mood, two factors that can be affected by menopause. By inhibiting SSRI uptake, Maca works in a similar way to depression and anxiety medications but, being a non-Drug substance, is thought to have less harmful side effects. However, while short term use of Maca is safe for most people, the long term dangers are not completely known.

When looking for a product containing Maca, the consumer needs to be aware of several factors, namely price, purity and source. Ideally, Maca should be in its purest form and included at its optimal dose. Organic Maca is also preferable and the consumer should look at other ingredients that may be included in the formula of the product. For the treatment of sexual dysfunction, it is useful if Maca is combined with Tribulus, in order to support testosterone production and also L-Arginine, an amino acid that supports Nitric Oxide production allowing for improved penile blood flow. Used on regular basis in conjunction with these ingredients, anyone using Maca should see some improvement in their mood and energy levels within 4-8 weeks, but it is likely that they will have to continue taking the substance to maintain these feelings.

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