The #4 Major Causes of Low Testosterone in Men

By | Updated November 21, 2018
by Jason Vredenburg

Low Testosterone in Men
Low testosterone in men is a serious problem. This article will share the major causes of this condition. It will start by discussing the basics of testosterone, what is low testosterone and the symptoms of this problem.

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone, a class of male hormone called ‘androgens’ can be both anabolic and androgenic. In males, testosterone can be found in the testes. Sometimes, there are nominal amount created in the adrenal glands. It has two major functions:

  • It is needed to maintain and form the male sex organs. It upholds secondary sex characteristics in men such as hair growth and voice deepening. This function is androgenic-related.
  • It is needed for the muscle growth as well as the development and maintenance of the bone. This function is anabolic-related.

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What is Low Testosterone in Men?

Low Testosterone in Men is when the hormones fall remote from the natural levels. This fall can have serious consequences in the body especially in the organ, the systematic and the cellular level.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Men

A male has low testosterone when:

  • He is infertile.
  • His sexual desire and function decrease.
  • He has erectile dysfunction.
  • He has hair loss.
  • His muscle mass decrease.
  • He begins to have osteoporosis.

Causes of Low Testosterone in Men

There can be a lot of factors that can cause low testosterone in men. It can be his lifestyle, his age or a disease. While this condition can be treated with proper medications, right supplements and tested treatments. One may also consider testosterone booster supplement like Nugenix, as it can help to boost testosterone level. However, it is important to know the root cause of the testosterone level decrease before adapting a therapy. Here are the 4 major causes:

  • Obesity – Inactivity and overeating can change the natural processes of the body. These can lead to obesity. Having hefty weight affects the production of testosterone. Obesity reduces the testosterone level circulation. Of course, these changes can be risk factors for cardiovascular disease.
  • Alcoholism – Drinking alcohol beverages in a minimal manner can actually increase the testosterone levels. However, the excessive intake of alcohol can lead to tolerance effect and, eventually, the decrease of testosterone levels. There were studies made proving that alcoholic men are less fertile.
  • Diabetes – This condition has a depressing impact on the tissues and organs of the body. Using supplements to increase testosterone has positive outcomes such as the reduction of blood sugar, body weight and cholesterol level.
  • Aging – In general, older people have lower levels of hormones. According to a study, the testosterone level decreases by 1 percent with every additional year after the age of 40. With low level of testosterone in older people, the risk of having cardiovascular disease and stroke is increasing in percentage. You might take a look over this German Niubiam Review which helps you to treat sexual issues in males.