Male Dysfunction – Some Treatment Information

by Nick Swanson

Male Dysfunction

If you are one of the many men to suffer from male dysfunction in the bedroom, you may be wondering what options are available to you for treatment. Believe it or not, there are many male dysfunction treatment options out there to help you fight this problem. First you must go to the doctor have a physical examination in order to determine that you do indeed have male dysfunction problems. After your doctor does that, he or she will determine what course of therapy you will undergo. Depending on your health and/or personal needs, your doctor will probably want to prescribe a prescription medication like Viagra for your condition.

The prescription medication Viagra has been used many men for their problems with male dysfunction. It can work wonders for your male dysfunction because within about half an hour of taking the medication, you will have an erection so you can participate in sexual intercourse. Viagra is only one of many male dysfunction medications on the market, but it is one that is most well-known. Viagra is one of the more immediate acting medications, but there are certain prescription medications like Cialis that are for the more long-term treatment as it will help you get erections without medication in the future.

Another way to treat male dysfunction is to use herbal supplements. Herbs like Ginseng and Ginkgo are very useful in helping with male dysfunction problems. Unlike Viagra, however, in order to possibly see any improvement in your male dysfunction, you have to take the herbal supplements for several weeks and even several months. The improvement also may not be all that great either. However, it is worth a shot if you do not want or can’t take the prescription medications and want to try something more natural. Just remember that you need to follow the directions on the supplement bottle exactly because you do not want to take more of the herbs than is safe to do so.

If taking any type of medication for your male dysfunction problems just does not appeal to you, you could always try a penis pump. Men have been using penis pumps for many decades in order to help treat their male dysfunction issues. Using a penis pump is simple and safe, however, there are physical side effects. The side effects are slight discoloration of the penis and a mild numbing sensation. These side effects are both temporary and non-harmful. Just be well aware of the possibilities should you decide to use a penis pump to treat your male dysfunction.