Male Ejaculation: Is It Worth To Get Good Health?

Male Ejaculation, occurs when a man reaches orgasm during sexual intercourse or while masturbating, is often considered the highest point of sexual activities, sending the man into a “pleasure mode” and providing him with a great deal of sexual satisfaction.

Then there are also some men who enjoy having some sessions of sexual activity. Either with themselves or with a partner. Without ejaculating every time, a technique that a lot of people have started to refer to as “edging”.

Each man finds these experiences different – for some, ejaculating every time they participate in any type of sexual activity is vital for their own satisfaction. But for others, ejaculating too much may become somewhat problematic or may not provide them with the satisfaction they are after.

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For quite a significant amount of time, a constant debate has been going on around the topic of male ejaculation.

While some claim that it is good for a man’s overall health to ejaculate every time they participate in a sexual activity, or that frequent ejaculation is very good for a man, others claim that less frequent ejaculation is a better way to go and that ejaculating too much can cause a significant amount of side-effects, such as an increased risk of prostate cancer and excessive tiredness.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

While there are quite a few studies on these subjects, the results are not accurate enough to make a final conclusion since the findings of these studies are often opposite to each other. You may also check this Prematurex; a sexual enhancement product which provides support to the causes of premature ejaculation.

The Difference Between Male Ejaculation Through Sex And Masturbation

Intervals for Ejaculation
In this article, we would like to discuss the most appropriate intervals for male ejaculation, but we also want to take a deeper dive into different factors that may affect such a topic – including how male ejaculation defers between having sexual intercourse and masturbating.

We are also going to look at how male ejaculation defers from an orgasm, and whether male ejaculation is essential for having an orgasm.

Finally, we will consider both the benefits and the potential drawbacks of sex and masturbation to provide a clearer overview for men reading this topic. Also,  discuss how ultimately the decision of how frequently to ejaculate lies with each individual man himself.

Male Ejaculation Through Sexual Intercourse

Male ejaculation is possible through both sexual intercourses and by masturbating. This is well known and considered the primary techniques for reaching orgasm and ejaculating.

While it may seem very similar to some people, it is important to note that there is. In fact, a distinct set of differences between reaching orgasm and ejaculating while having sex and ejaculating through masturbation.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

The most significant difference between these two activities comes into play when a person takes a look at the potential benefits they offer a man, as well as some negative side-effects that may also be experienced from practicing each activity too frequently.

We will take a closer look at the pros and cons of each activity later on in this article. For now, however, consider the fact that through sexual intercourse, a man creates a physical and emotional connection with his partner.
This causes his body to go through several processes, such as the release of a chemical known as oxytocin, which is produced in the man’s hypothalamus.

Oxytocin has numerous benefits for the human body – both physically and mentally. Sexual intercourse also has numerous benefits to offer a man’s physical and psychological wellbeing, apart from the release of oxytocin.

Male Ejaculation Through Masturbation

With masturbation, Psychology today[2] explains that there is a lack of tension that is often experienced during sex, since the man has no one but himself to impress with his physical appearance and his techniques during a sexual act; thus a significant amount of men often finds that they are able to experience a more intense orgasm when they ejaculate through masturbation.

Masturbation also helps men experiment with different techniques, which may, later on, become useful in the bedroom.

Ultimately, both masturbation and sexual intercourse have benefits of their own that should be considered. In the end, a good balance between the two might be the key to experiencing more intense satisfaction while ejaculating and creating a good balance of spending precious time with yourself and with your significant other.

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The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Frequent Sexual Intercourse

Let’s take a look at both the benefits and the potential drawbacks that frequently participating in sexual intercourse may have in store for a man.

It is important to consider both the benefits and the drawbacks because ultimately, this will also help a man discover the potential pros and cons of frequent ejaculation.

The Benefits Of Frequent Sexual Intercourse

First of all, sexual intercourse is not only an act of love and intimacy but also a form of exercise. With this in mind, it means that every time a man participates in sexual intercourse, he is burning calories and working out some important muscle groups in his body. Even though sex won’t give him the same results as running on a treadmill and lifting heavy weights, it is still a great way to help a man keep in shape. Additionally, the fact that sex is a form of exercise also means it will get the heart pumping, which is good for cardiovascular health.

According to Psychology Today[3], having sex on a regular basis, along with an orgasm. It may help a man sleep better and is excellent for those suffering from insomnia.

They also report that this activity has the ability to block pain symptoms in the man’s body. Help them overcome symptoms of depression, reduce their blood pressure levels and even assist with sorting out bladder problems.

Furthermore, they report that some evidence is available that suggests sex is also very good for men with heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

The Drawbacks Of Frequent Sexual Intercourse

Now, even though these are a significant amount of health benefits to consider – from only having sex regularly. It is also important to note that having sex too much can cause excessive sleepiness. Due to the chemical reaction that occurs not only during sex but also when reaching orgasm.

When a man has sex too much, their penis may also become sore and with continued ejaculation, Men’s Health[4] reports that a man may develop an infection in their testicles. Another potential drawback that too much sex can cause is making it harder to urinate.

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Frequent Masturbation

Frequent Masturbation
Now that we have covered sexual intercourse, let’s also consider some pros and cons of masturbating on a regular basis.

The Benefits Of Frequent Masturbation

First of all, there are quite a few myths going around that masturbation is good for you at all – these are “myths” as masturbation has been proven to be good for a man, even married men may experience some positive effects from masturbating now-and-then.

Is It Unhealthy[5] reports that, even though some may disagree, research has proven masturbation to reduce a man’s risk of developing prostate cancer.

Additionally, this particular act helps men relieve some built up sexual tension, which is good when a man is away from their partner or single at the time being, since sexual tension may cause feelings of nervousness and pressure at times, which may be disadvantageous toward the man’s daily life.

Masturbation is also able to release some feel-good hormones, which may assist with reducing stress and improving sleep. It is also known that masturbation is sometimes recommended to assist with self-image problems, as well as certain sexual-related issues.

The Drawbacks Of Frequent Masturbation

Too much masturbation, on the other hand, can be bad for a man. A lot of men have found that masturbating too much causes them to experience a decline in their abilities in the bedroom.

When a man masturbates before having sex with a partner. It may cause him to be unable to reach orgasm during sex, which can most certainly be unpleasant.

In turn, this can then damage the man’s self-image and self-esteem instead of building it up. Furthermore, masturbating too much can lead to exhaustion and cause damage to the penis. We should also note that some links have also been between too frequent masturbation and hair loss in men.

What Happens If You Ejaculate Too Much

Whether it is through sexual intercourse or masturbation. Knowing what may happen when a man ejaculates too much. And loses a significant amount of sperm is very important.

We have already discussed the potential pros and cons of both having sex and masturbating. But now we want to look at what happens with frequent male ejaculations, regardless of how the man ejaculates.

When a man ejaculates too often. One of the most significant side-effects would be the fact that he may be draining his energy. Also causing himself to experience fatigue on a regular basis. This may lead to a decrease in productivity and start to interfere with the man’s daily life.

This, however, seems to be the only significant adverse effect that a man should really consider when it comes to ejaculating on a regular basis. Plus they should also consider the potential drawbacks of frequent male ejaculation through each type of sexual activity. Including masturbation and sexual intercourse.

So… How Often Should You Ejaculate For Good Health?

Ejaculate Good
Now let us get back to the main question of this article… how much a man should ejaculate to support their wellbeing without causing a significant amount of adverse effects.

In reality, this question does not have a definite answer that every single man can give the same response. This is because every man is different – each man has their own body type, energy levels, overall health. Other aspects to take into consideration when trying to answer this particular question.

Some men can ejaculate more than others without experiencing any adverse effects. While others can only ejaculate once in a while in order to enjoy the benefits of ejaculating without experiencing any side effects.

Jim Benson[6], a sex and relationship coach that specializes in men, explains that every man needs to determine the perfect male ejaculation frequency for themselves. They should experiment with both sexual intercourse and masturbation in order to find out what works for them.

If they ejaculate every day and find that they are experiencing adverse effects, they should cut back a little.

If they ejaculate less frequently and find that they are not experiencing any adverse effects at all. They may opt to increase their frequency up to a point where they are able to experience the benefits of male ejaculation without any potential adverse effects causing them harm.

Recommendation for Male Ejaculation:

According to Men’s Health[7], men should also be wary of certain aspects when trying to determine if they are masturbating too much or having too much sex. One of the first signs that signals “too much” is a sore penis.

This can happen through both sex and masturbation and should be considered a definite sign that the man is taking part in too many sexual activities. When a sore penis develops, the man should consider taking a break perhaps and cutting back on their frequency.

They also recommend considering sex and masturbation a problem if it starts to interfere with the man’s daily life. Such as when he would rather prefer taking a day off from work to stay in bed and have sex all day or when he skips a night out with his friends to stay home and masturbate.

In such a case, the man should take steps to reduce their frequency. As this may not be good for them. When no side-effects are experience and the man’s sexual needs are not interfering with his daily life. Then he can continue at his current pace without having to worry about potential side-effects.


Male Ejaculation offers sexual satisfaction. Whether they ejaculate through sexual intercourse or through masturbation. Male Ejaculation has numerous benefits for men, including better heart health, reduced pain and a relief from insomnia.

A common question that men ask is how much they should ejaculate for these health benefits without overdoing it. The truth is, each individual man needs to determine this answer for themselves since every man is different.

While one man may find that ejaculating once or twice a day is the perfect number of them. Others may rather benefit from less frequent ejaculations, such as once or twice a week. It is important to listen to your own body’s responses to ejaculation in order to determine your perfect answer.

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