Male Ejaculation – Understanding Common Disorders

by Cheryl Powers

Male ejaculation problems, and common male orgasm dysfunction, is commonly classified into two groups. The first are issues with male premature ejaculation. This is when sexual intercourse is interrupted by male expiration that occurs in an untimely fashion, sapping away the enjoyment from the partner. This is not an uncommon problem between couples, and while it does not relate to a lack of sexual virility as with erectile dysfunction, it can be a troublesome disorder. The second group is issues that relate to the inability to achieve orgasm. This could require male erectile dysfunction treatment that addresses psychological considerations, or issues with erectile dysfunction.

Men’s premature ejaculation is typically handled through practicing a variety of sexual techniques in order to sustain arousal without a poorly timed orgasm. This may involve less emphasis on explicit sexual stimulation. A common way to treat male ejaculation disorders is for a man or the couple to visit a sex therapist. Sex therapy is a booming psychiatric profession which can quickly alleviate common sexual disorders that trouble marriages and couples. Unlike issues with erectile dysfunction, the man premature ejaculation disorders are not treatable with pharmaceutical drugs, but it requires the practice of certain techniques for natural ejaculation control, usually over the course of treatment until the couple no longer reports any problems related to the dysfunction.

Another male orgasm dysfunction is men’s impotence, or general erectile dysfunction or male ejaculation issues. This has a number of different causes and factors. An important one is diet and weight. Sometimes libido or blood flow is negatively impacted by a poor diet, smoking, drug-use or other negative bodily habits. In addition to this, erectile dysfunction is an important health topic to monitor, as it may be indicative of a larger disease like diabetes that is restricting blood flow. On the other hand, some patients report no issues maintaining erection, but problems with having an orgasm. This may be psychological in nature, and often a trained sex therapist can help a patient figure out why they cannot achieve orgasm, and to practice certain male dysfunction treatment techniques to rectify it.

Male premature ejaculation treatment and other male ejaculation problems, are typically well within the scope of any sex therapist’s job description. But, as with any sexual disorder, it can be very hard to work up the courage to see a professional for help. This may be related to cultural or societal beliefs that mitigate the importance of sexual topics brought to the public eye. While treatment for male ejaculation problems can help a relationship, treatment for erectile dysfunction could have wider implications for your health, including the diagnosis of potentially dangerous diseases.