Male Enhancement Exercises – Working Out For Better Performance

by Nick Swanson

They say that exercise can change your life, and there’s no real way to argue with that. But male enhancement exercises can also have a profound impact on your life, especially when it comes to pleasing your partner and supporting your self-esteem. While there are plenty of pills that promise to help your penis grow by inches or help you last longer in bed, the truth is that some basic male enhancement exercises can actually help you as much or even more than herbal remedies. Whatever area you want to focus on, male enhancement exercises can help you improve effective than you might initially suspect.

Male Enhancement Exercises

The most commonly used of all the various male enhancement exercises is undoubtedly the technique known as jelqing. This process dates back centuries and involves little more than ‘milking’ the penis. To do so, you wrap the thumb and index finger around the base of the penis when it is semi-erect and draw them away from the body, thus forcing blood into the glans. Male enhancement exercises like jelqing usually begins and ends with a warm compress, and needs to be done regularly in order for any effects to be noticeable. There are many tools and instructional packages available to help you learn to properly complete these male enhancement exercises.

For support stamina during sex, another type of male enhancement exercises is used. The pubococcygeus muscle, or PC, is the primary sex muscle and helps influence the ability to avoid ejaculation during sex. The average man can reach climax in three minutes while women take normally about fifteen, highlighting the need for stamina. These male enhancement exercises involve the PC. If you’ve ever stopped urinating mid-stream, you’ve flexed the PC. To do these exercises, flex the PC and hold it for ten seconds in sets of three, then holding for five second in sets of three. Finally, hold it for thirty seconds and relaxing for thirty. Doing these male enhancement exercises several times daily and you’ll likely notice improve stamina.

These two male enhancement exercises form the basis of improved performance. Combining male enhancement exercises with a proper diet, regular aerobic exercise, and even some herbal or vitamin supplements could help support your abilities in the bedroom to levels far beyond what you thought possible. While not everyone will achieve the highest level of results, by regularly practicing these male enhancement exercises many men have experienced very real benefits in their length and stamina. In some cases, it ends up being all that they really need.