Male Enhancement Herbs – A Look at the Best Ones

by Nick Swanson

Many medical professionals and scientists claim that there are few male enhancement herbs that provide any real benefits. There are some that do believe benefits exist, however, and men who have used male enhancement herbs and felt real results from them absolutely swear by them. Until more research is done concerning them, the real effectiveness of Male Enhancement Herbs will likely remain a topic of debate. But there is some data that exists, and a quick review of some of the most commonly used male enhancement herbs can help explain a little bit more about if and how they work.

Male Enhancement Herbs

One of the most common male enhancement herbs is ginseng, and while it is used for a variety of other things it has long been regarded as an aphrodisiac. Another similar one that finds its way into many different remedies but is used with other male enhancement herbs to promote libido is ginkgo. And finally, horny goat weed is a common ingredient that, like the other two, works to improve sexual desire and the pleasure experienced during sex. These Male Enhancement Herbs are thought to affect dopamine, serotonin, and other chemicals in the brain that can affect happiness, pleasure, and libido.

While not technically an herb, one ingredient that finds its way into supplements filled with male enhancement herbs is the amino acid known as L-Arginine. This is usually combined with male enhancement herbs like pomegranate extract to help improve circulation and blood flow to the penis. L-Arginine helps create nitric acid, which relaxes muscles in the groin and supports the amount of blood flowing into the penis. Combined with certain male enhancement herbs it can cause a man’s erections to be much larger and harder than normal and can even help support the time before climax is reached.

Male enhancement herbs and supplements like zinc and maca have been shown to support sperm count and could even support semen volume, making them obvious choices for companies creating a male supplement. Herbs like shilajit and ashwaganda are often included to help combat premature ejaculation by relaxing the muscles that can help trigger the issue. Obviously, the list of herbs used for male enhancement is much longer than most realize. If you take the time to consider just what you want from male enhancement herbs you’ll be able to find supplements that include the male enhancement herbs you need to achieve your specific goals.