Male Enhancement Methods – Multiple Male Enhancement Methods Available

There are many different male enhancement methods available today for men interested in making a difference in that area of their lives. Male enhancers can be something as simple as a supplement or as involved as a daily exercise. Each of the options offered has a different outcome for the individual depending on how involved they want to be in their transformation.

Male Enhancement Methods

The most popular and easiest male enhancement method is supplements and lotions. These products are made either of chemical compounds or all natural ingredients that promise to provide an increase in penis size and sexual performance. They work by increasing blood flow to the penis which provides a temporary enhancement. The pills only result in an enhancement for the time they are taken. Many men prefer the all natural supplements because they believe the natural ingredients give other benefits to their bodies in addition to the male enhancement. The pills can cause negative effects for men with heart disease so a doctor’s visit may be necessary before taking any supplements.

Daily exercises are another form of male enhancement methods. These exercises can be done with or without equipment and are relative simple ways to see smaller but still noticeable changes in penis size. One of the most recognized is a hand exercise that follows a milking motion called jelqing. The exercise is a repeated stroking of a semi-erect penis with fingers in an OK symbol. The exercise starts with 100 strokes and the man works toward a goal of 500 strokes. Men using this exercise have reported a growth of two to four inches in length and one to two inches in girth. Exercises involving equipment include extenders or penile weights. These items are attached to the penis. The tension placed on the organ results in new cell growth and an enhancement to the penis. The weights and extender can all be found at adult novelty stores.

The most drastic male enhancement methods is surgery. For men who want to see dramatic results in a relatively short time, surgery may be the option for them. Granted, the procedure does include all the normal risks of surgery and results are not guaranteed, but if the process works then an enhancement is sure to occur. Surgery can either lengthen or widen the penis. To lengthen the organ, the ligament attaching it to the body is cut while widening usually involves implanting tissue harvested from a cadaver.