Truth of Male Enhancement Pictures – Picking the Fakes from the Facts

by Cheryl Powers

In the search for a good male enhancement product, many men look to male enhancement pictures to see what kinds of results other people are getting. While this is logical to do, the problem is that there are a lot of fake male enhancement pictures out there meant to entice people to make a purchase. You may not actually get the results shown in the male enhancement pictures or even anything close to them. How can you tell what is real and fake then? The information below will help you spot the bad photos in the bunch.

Male Enhancement Pictures

When you look at Male Enhancement Pictures , you need to realize that anything claiming to add inches to the length of your penis is likely a fake. Male enhancers are made to make your erections firmer and thicker, not longer. All they can do is pump blood in your shaft so it reaches its full potential. Many before and after male enhancement pictures will show men going from four inches to eight inches after just one pill, and that simply cannot happen. Those male enhancement pictures are doctored to make you think the products work when they don’t.

You may also see male enhancement pictures that claim to add considerable thickness to a man’s shaft. While you can see some changes in girth, you should be skeptical about how drastic a change is. There are ways men can push their skin upward in a photo to make their penises look thicker than they are. Look at the male enhancement pictures and see if there are any signs of that. Think about the camera angle and the way the penis is being held, if it is being held at all. You can usually pick out the fake male enhancement pictures from there.

If there is not a before and after shot for the male enhancement pictures, you really have nothing to base your decision about a product on. A man may claim he grew a certain amount until he reached that size, but how do you know that he is not a naturally large guy? If there are before and after Male Enhancement Pictures, make sure that it is the same guy in both. Also make sure he was not pretending to be limp in the before picture as that is easy to fake. With a little common sense, you can almost always find the fake male enhancement pictures out there.