Male Enhancement Pills To Avoid If You Have These Health Conditions

by Nick Swanson

Male Enhancement Pills to Avoid

Male enhancement pills come in handy for men who have poor sexual health and experiencing problems like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. These pills help to enhance a man’s sexual performance for the better so they can satisfy their partners.

There are certain health conditions that make it unsafe for you to take male enhancement pills. These health conditions usually make it dangerous for you to take male enhancement pills and so you are advised to keep off those pills to ensure your safety.

The following are the known health conditions which make it unsafe for you take male enhancement pills:

Heart Disease

Men who do not have cardiovascular disease can comfortably use male enhancement pills without any fear. The reason for this is the fact that male enhancement pills are usually only safe for men who have healthy hearts.

Men with cardiovascular disease must take extra precautions when intending to use these pills or simply avoid them altogether. These pills usually affect the arteries and as you know all arteries, even those outside the penis emit nitric oxide and therefore any artery can widen in response to these pills. What happens when arteries widen is a temporary reduction in blood pressure.

Drugs that people with heart disease take contain organic nitrates which widen arteries thus increasing their supply of nitric oxide. This is how such drugs help to open coronary arteries of patients that are partially blocked due to angina. Usually nitrates and male enhancement pills all will act on nitric oxide, these drugs will not mix.

There was study conducted on healthy males who were given some male enhancement pills and then later after an hour they were given nitroglycerine and what happened was a significant drop in their blood pressure to very dangerous levels. It is for this reason that doctors advice men who are taking drugs that contain nitrates to avoid taking male enhancement pills to ensure their safety.

High Blood Pressure

Most male enhancement pills are made to help men experiencing sexual health problems to improve their performance in the bedroom. Even though they help such men to improve their sexual performances they also pose numerous side effects that manufacturers usually downplay.

The truth of the matter is that most male enhancement pills are made to help increase blood flow in the body because a man with erectile dysfunction needs sufficient blood flow to the penis to get an erection. The effects of most male enhancement pills in the body of users include increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, and body temperature. This is enough reason for patients with high blood pressure to avoid taking male enhancement pills.

Such pills can endanger their lives because with increased blood pressure and increased heart rate there could be a possibility of a cardiac arrest.


If you suffering from either type of diabetes you should consider twice before using the various male enhancement pills available in the markets because of the health risks such pills might bring to your health. There are some male enhancement pills that have been found to contain a compound that is known to cause blood sugar levels to drop to dangerously low levels. It is for this reason that diabetic patients need to be wary of the male enhancement pills that they are going to consume.

If You Have High Cholesterol Levels

Men who have high levels of cholesterol are usually given drugs that contain nitrates to help reduce the levels of it in the body. As you know it most male enhancement pills if mixed with drugs that contain nitrates can bring about sharp decrease in blood pressure which can very dangerous for the user. This is why men who have high levels of cholesterol in their bodies and are on cholesterol medication should avoid male enhancement pills at all costs.

You should consider stopping the use male enhancement pills when you see the following things:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart palpitations
  • Anxiety
  • Nervousness

Some Penis Enhancement Pills May Even Make You Get Addicted

There are some penis enhancement pills that you need to use every time you go to have sex for the rest of your life. This may make you get addicted to such pills because you develop a need to want to use them all the time before sex.

The unfortunate thing here is that these pills don’t come free of charge!


While male enhancement pills come in handy for men finding it hard to satisfy their ladies they need to be taken with caution. If you are taking male enhancement pills make sure that you go only for the ones that are made from natural ingredients that are safe for your health.

What you need to acknowledge however is that when you have heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol levels you need to keep away from male enhancement pills to be safe.