Male Enhancement Products – An Ongoing Debate

by Nick Swanson

Few health related issues are as misunderstood and maligned as male enhancement products. Most scientists and doctors continue to call them scams while the men who’ve used them swear that they work. Like most things, the truth about male enhancement products likely lies somewhere in the middle. The main reason the debate has remained unsettled is simply that the few studies done on male enhancement products are conflicting. There are few top researchers who feel the need to conduct studies on Male Enhancement Products and since they don’t fall under FDA jurisdiction, most of the studies are paid for by the manufacturers. Until more is learned, the best we can do is review what data we do have.

Male Enhancement Products

Most of the arguing focuses on male enhancement products like herbal supplements. The main reason for the concerns from most in the medical field lies in the dangers of these male enhancement products. Certain herbs can greatly support heart troubles like high blood pressure, palpitations, and stroke. And combining some supplements with certain medications can cause even more problems. Advocates point to the simple fact that all Drug medications carry risks similar to supplements and that anyone thinking of using male enhancement products should consult a doctor first.

There’s a lot of disagreement concerning the actual effects of Male Enhancement Products as well. While most agree that certain herbs and amino acid have an effect on the body, few can agree that male enhancement products containing them actually work as claimed. Much of this lies in poor wording by the manufacturers. For example, male enhancement products won’t support overall penis size, but some studies have found that certain herbs and natural compounds can support blood flow and support the overall size of a man’s erection, helping him gain a bit of size during sexual intercourse.

Men who use male enhancement products may or may not notice effects, and in some cases they may even imagine them. This is why many researchers are calling for more studies on male enhancement products. Until that day comes, those looking for male enhancement products will have to choose wisely and read up on the basics behind each ingredient in the supplement to find one that they think may work for them. Scores of men swear that male enhancement products have worked for them while scientists have their doubt. The truth is that some men will likely see a benefit while others won’t. Until more data is gathered, the debate will rage on.