Male Enhancement Side Effects – Side Effects of Male Enhancers

Male enhancement supplements are common products among many men. Some men use these products because they have legitimate sexual dysfunctions that need to be addressed. Another portion of the male population is starting to use the sexual enhancers for the rush they bring and the extra spice they give to their sex life even if they do not have any performance problems. These supplements should be used with caution since they do have side effects. Male enhancement side effects can range from minor irritations to major health concerns. Men who experience male enhancement side effects should stop using the supplements if they are concerned about their overall health.

Male Enhancement Side Effects

Male enhancement side effects should be taken seriously because the male reproductive system and the cardiovascular system are closely related. Any changes that occur in the cardiovascular system can make themselves known in the reproductive organs. Because of this many of the male enhancement side effects are found in the heart or connected matters. This could also be caused since most male enhancers dilate the bloods vessels in the penis and increase the blood flow to the organ to drastically improve sexual performance. Any time male enhancement side effects arise, the male should consult with a medical professional before continuing the supplements.

The most common of the male enhancement side effects is an extended erection. This can occur with any of the over the counter supplements and those that are given by a doctor. Any time a consumer experiences this male enhancement side effect and it lasts for longer than four hours he should seek immediate medical attention. If this male enhancement side effect is not treated it can cause permanent and lasting damage to the organ. The treatment for this male enhancement side effect can be unpleasant but it is necessary to save the penis from any lasting damage.

Other common male enhancement side effects are related to the cardiovascular system. Male enhancers can cause changes in blood pressure, heart rhythm and pulse rate. These male enhancement side effects can be serious and medical attention. Other male enhancement side effects can include anxiety, dizziness, restlessness, vision problems, hearing problems, shortness of breath, insomnia, seizures and even more serious occurrences. If the man taking the supplements feels that the male enhancement side effects are becoming a problem then he should stop taking them until he can figure out if the enhancement results are worth the side effects.