The Most Common Side Effects of Male Enhancement Supplements

In 1997, the FDA approved oral treatment for impotence after an accidental discovery was made by Pfizer Laboratories. The drug was used to reduce blood pressure and support cardiovascular health, but they found that patients who took the drug also experienced a side-effect, which was better erections – especially those who were unable to achieve a full erection. This is how Viagra was born.

Today, Viagra is a common name that any person can identify. It is also the most popular erectile dysfunction drug that is used by more than 35 million men and results in up to $4 billion in sales every year. Soon after the launch of this drug, other erectile dysfunction drugs were also developed.

Unfortunately, the good also came with some bad when users of Viagra and similar drugs started to experience side-effects, like blurry vision, accelerated heartbeats, chest pain and, in some cases, even fainting.

The fact that these drugs were causing harmful side-effects opened up an opportunity for companies that produced natural products, such as supplements that only contains botanical extracts and natural nutrients.

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The companies noticed that certain plants might have a similar effect in the male body than Viagra did – which is to increase nitric oxide count, enhance blood circulation to the penis and improve erectile function in men. This led to the rise of male enhancement supplements.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Many companies were able to produce these pills at a rate of approximately $2 per bottle, but started to sell them for much more (usually $40+) – they took advantage of the fact that Viagra caused harmful side-effects and started to promote their supplements as “side-effect free natural Viagra alternatives”.

The Most Common Side Effects of Male Enhancement Supplements

Common Side Effects
Today, you can find a male enhancement supplement that promises to help you last for hours in the bed in just about every shop you visit. This makes it really difficult to determine which product you should choose. Rather than giving time to choose enhancement supplement, you may also check this Phalogenics male enhancement program.

Unfortunately, picking a random product may not be the best option as, even though these supplements only contain natural ingredients, they may still cause some unwanted and even potentially dangerous side-effects to develop under certain circumstances.

We decided to take a look at the most common adverse effects that people have experienced while taking natural male enhancement supplements, as well as the most harmful natural ingredients to look out for should you decide to give these supplements a try.

1. Interactions –

The most significant and most harmful adverse effect to look out for is the possibility that the ingredients contained in natural male sexual supplements may interact with certain medication.

Many of these ingredients are compounds that improve blood flow, but the products never mention other possible effects the compounds may have on the body – such as an alternation in blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, etc.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Taking a prescription or over-the-counter drug that already has such an effect on the body means the supplement will increase the effects of the drug; thus an adverse reaction may develop.

2. Increased Blood Pressure –

Most male enhancement pills contain a proprietary formula, which means the specific values of the ingredients included in the formula aren’t specified. Some ingredients, such as Panax ginseng, can cause blood pressure to increase when consumed in high doses.

Increased blood pressure, in turn, can have a negative impact on the user’s cardiovascular health and even put the user at a higher risk of having a heart attack.

3. Allergies –

Approximately 30% of American adults are affected by allergies, which means there is a possibility that a user can experience an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients included in a male enhancement product.

Apart from the ingredients, some products also contain traces of nuts, shellfish, soya and other compounds that can also cause an allergic reaction.

4. Heart Palpitations –

Alterations in a user’s heartbeat, also known as heart palpitations, such as beating too fast or too hard. This is another common symptom that people experience when they take natural male enhancement supplements.

In some cases, the heart may skip a beat or flutter as well. Numerous ingredients can cause these symptoms, of which Tribulus Terrestris is one of the most common.

5. Anxiety –

Some of the more potent ingredients that are sometimes present in these supplements can also result in headaches and irritability. Which is often accompanied by symptoms of anxiety.

One particular ingredient that causes anxiety as a side-effect is Yohimbe. An ingredient that is often famous as a natural Viagra.

Male Enhancement Supplements To Completely Avoid

Male Enhancement Supplements To Completely Avoid reports that many of the male sexual pills that can be purchased to boost a man’s performance in the bedroom contains hidden dangers. In fact, some of these supplements have been including harmful ingredients. Also, those are not in the ingredient list that is on the back of the container.

Instead, the ingredient list only contains a couple of natural substances that they have added to the pill. It often has no effect. But hides the artificial ingredient they “secretly” used to cause an improvement in the man’s erection.

This way, they can promote themselves as a “natural” product. Moreover, they do not have to go through all the strict rules that chemically-formulated drugs have to go through.

According to CBS News, the following are the most dangerous male enhancement supplements that are currently in the supply chain. Be sure to avoid using any of the following supplements:

  • Mr. Magic Male Enhancer
  • Duro Extend Capsules For Men
  • Time Out Capsules
  • Xiadafil VIP
  • Man Up Now
  • Vitalex
  • Stiff Nights
  • Vigor-25
  • Rock Hard Weekend


Even though many male enhancement supplements helps men gain better erections and improve their overall sexual function. That too in a natural and safe way. Testo Bio Max is one of the best option which help treat ED without causing any side effects.

It is also important to consider the fact that FDA is yet to check and approve these products. Many of the products included unlisted chemicals that can be harmful to the user’s health.

Staying clear of the potentially dangerous supplements and studying the ingredients found in the more trusted ones should be a priority if you wish to avoid the side-effects of Viagra. But still, experience harder and longer lasting erections.

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