Male Enhancement Surgery – Is It Really Safe and Effective?

Almost every man out there wants to have a bigger penis that is able to give him more advantage and control over women when it comes to sexual intercourse. This has led most men to look for ways that they may use to enable them increase the size and length of their members.

The craze by men to try and enhance their penis sometimes usually end up with negative results where methods employed to help increase the size go bad resulting in disappointment and regrets. Fortunately due to technological advancement the penis can now be enlarged by surgery.

Yes more and more men are opting for male enlargement surgery to achieve the length, size and girth they so desire. It is however important for any man considering male enhancement surgery as an option to first consider getting more information about it and the possible outcome.

Below Are Some Things That You Will Find Interesting To Know About The Procedure:

  • It’s Possible Cost And Implications

Male enhancement surgery involves operating the penis in order to try to increase its length, width and girth. Initially the procedure was often recommended as a way to correct defect or injury to help improve the function of the penis.

The procedure also has got its risks which include infection, scarring, and loss of function. Men also need to be aware of the fact that the procedure may only add just half to one centimeter on their overall length. Because penile enhancement surgery is still a controversial subject and still not a very common thing, there is not enough information about its potential benefits or risks.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

  • What Women Actually Think About The Size of Their Men’s Penis

Many men usually think that they have small penis and that is why they are obsessed with the idea of increasing their size.

It is interesting to note that even though they usually think this way, many of them usually just have normal sized penises. Studies also suggest that majority of women are usually contented with the penis size their men have.

Penis Size Determines

  • The Procedure’s Possible Risks

Surgery to increase the length of the penis may involve having to cut the suspensory ligament that joins the penis to the pelvic area. By cutting this ligament the penis remains hanging lower, which then gives it an average increase of like 1.3cm in length.

What happens after this is that when the penis gets erect it tends to point downwards which may not be very appealing. Surgery to increase girth of the penis on the other hand may involve having to inject fat that is taken from another part of the body. Unfortunately this may leave the penis lumpy looking and uneven looking the fats injected may also disappear over time.

  • You Must Be Prepared Financially, Physically, and Mentally

Men who are seriously thinking about the surgery must be ready financially, physically, and mentally.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

This means that they will need to undergo what is called psychosexual therapy first to prepare them better before the procedure is carried out. This means that they will need to get referred by their respective general practitioners.

Other Options Available For Men To Increase Penis Size

Below are some available options free of surgery that may also help men increase their penis size:

  • Penile Extenders

The penile extender is a device that is non invasive which uses traction to stretch the penis. It is possible that the extender may increase the length by 0.5 centimeters to about 1 centimeter.

Other studies also suggest that the procedure also helps to increase the penile diameter. Most men who have undergone this procedure are impressed with the results according to their testimonials. The effectiveness and safety of the procedure however still remains unclear.

  • Pills, Potions, and Lotions

There are lots of pills, herbal supplements, vitamins, hormones and lotions that can be used to help increase the length. The problem with these products is that there is no evidence that indeed they are safe and effective. It is advisable that men consult their GP first before consuming such products

Pills and Potions

  • Exercises

There is an exercise called jelqing which involves use of the hand to help increase blood flow to the head of the penis by stretching it. The procedure is usually safe although if it is over used it may it may lead to scarring of the penis.

  • Vacuum Pumps

These are devices that are also used to treat erectile dysfunction. They work by giving the penis some sort of exercises and they may over time increase the size of the penis. It is important to note that their overuse may also cause tissue and nerve damage.


Before going for male enhancement surgery it is wise that you weigh the benefits and the drawbacks the procedure may bring to you. As stated above most men who are often worried about their male sizes usually do have normal sizes.

You should think about the possible risks, cost and benefits of the process. Sometimes healthy eating and doing exercises may help you overcome the fears you may be having about your overall penis size without necessarily having to perform surgery.

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