Male Enhancement Techniques – Ways to Acquire Male Enhancement

by Nick Swanson

There are many different male enhancement techniques available today for men that are interested. These techniques can be as varied as daily exercises to supplements that can be taken daily or as needed. Each of these techniques varies to appeal to the different goals and desires of the individual and how much time and effort they want to put into their enhancement transformation.

Daily exercises are one male enhancement technique. These exercises can be done with or without equipment and are relative simple ways to see smaller but still noticeable changes in penis size. Exercises involving equipment include extenders or penile weights. These items are attached to the penis. The tension placed on the organ results in new cell growth and an enhancement to the penis. Using extenders as a way to achieve male enhancement is one of the few ways that have been recognized as successful through medical studies. Stretching usually adds an extra two centimeters to a non-erect penis.

One of the most recognized male enhancement techniques is a hand exercise that follows a milking motion called jelqing. The exercise is a repeated stroking of a semi-erect penis with fingers in an OK symbol. The exercise starts with 100 strokes and the man works toward a goal of 500 strokes. Men using this exercise have reported a growth of two to four inches in length and one to two inches in girth. This technique should be done with extreme care. If it is done incorrectly it can result in pain, scarring, discoloration and deformation of the penis. If the exercise causes pain or discomfort it should be discontinued. It is also important not to ejaculate while doing the exercise. If the feeling comes, the exercise should be stopped and only restarted after the feeling has passed.

Penis vacuum pumps are a widely used male enhancement technique. The vacuum pumps are traditionally used for patients being treated for impotence issues. It is now a popular option among users who have no performance concerns and wish to see a penis enlargement. The pump provides an immediate temporary enhancement when used. After continued regular use a permanent enhancement can be seen in most users. The pump places suction on the organ bringing extra blood flow into it. This causes the penis tissue to swell leading to the temporary increase. Over time, the tissue becomes used to the extra blood flow and maintains the enlarged shape. The pumps, penile weights and extenders can be purchased at adult specialty stores.